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Water, climate, food and health (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Hwa-Lung Yu 
Co-Conveners: Alin Andrei Carsteanu , Andreas Langousis , George Christakos , Alexander Kolovos , José M. Angulo 
Session details
 / Wed, 11 Apr, 08:30–12:00  / PICO spot 5b
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Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018
PICO spot 5b
Chairperson: Hwa-Lung Yu, Andreas Langousis
08:30–08:32 PICO5b.1
Climate Change and Health Vulnerability in Informal Urban Settlements of Kaduna Metropolis, Northern, Nigeria (withdrawn)
Auwal Abdussalam and Muhammad T Dansabo
08:32–08:34 PICO5b.2
Mapping the Trends of Water-Food-Energy/Urban Nexus Research – A Bibliometric Review
Tailin Huang, Ming-Che Hu, and Chen-Yi Lee
08:34–08:44 PICO5b.3
Effects of climate change on seasonal morbidity and mortality on respiratory diseases in Germany
Andreas Matzarakis, Stefan Muthers, and Hans-Guido Mücke
08:44–08:46 PICO5b.4
The green water footprint of European croplands
Darren Slevin, T. Luke Smallman, Jean-Francois Exbrayat, and Mathew Williams
08:46–08:48 PICO5b.5
Neutralization of acid mine drainage and CO2 capture using waste concretes
Kyoung-Won Min and Woo-Ram Kim
08:48–08:50 PICO5b.6
A soil moisture and crop yield diagnostic system for tropics (withdrawn)
Kasia Sawicka, Luke Smallman, Vasilis Myrgiotis, and Mathew Williams
08:50–08:52 PICO5b.7
The resilience of urban planning area for impact of global warming—A case study of Fengho Park, Taoyuan County
Yen-Tzu Lin and Hung-Pin Huang
08:52–08:54 PICO5b.8
Evaluation of the permeable facilities at hillside area to attenuate peak flow under climate change scenarios
Yen-Ting Liu and Hung-Pin Huang
08:54–08:56 PICO5b.9
Application of SWAT Model Coupled with Maximum Entropy Method to Simulate Irrigation Water Allocation
Chia-Ying Lee and Hwa-Lung Yu
08:56–08:58 PICO5b.10
Using Sentinel-1 microwave remote sensing images to estimate soil moisture
Kam Lon Chan and Hwa-Lung Yu
08:58–09:00 PICO5b.11
Demonstrating Association between Dissolved Organic Carbon and Pesticide in Shallow Groundwater of Western Bengal basin, India
Srimanti Dutta Gupta, Abhijit Mukherjee, Jayanta Bhattacharya, and Animesh Bhattacharya
09:00–09:02 PICO5b.12
EGU2018-4066 | Presentation
Urban river rejuvenation to enhance city resilience under climate change scenarios
Po-Yen Liu and Hung-Pin Huang
09:02–09:04 PICO5b.13
The investigation of extreme air quality conditions based on traffic and meteorological factors by using Bayesian Networks
Yuan-Chien Lin and Chun-Yeh Lai
09:04–09:06 PICO5b.14
Provincial Ecosystem Service Footprint and Spatial Flow in China (withdrawn)
Wenbo Zhu
Interactive presentations at PICO screens

Coffee break
Chairperson: Hwa-Lung Yu, Alin-Andrei Carsteanu, Yi-Ming Kuo
10:30–10:32 PICO5b.1
Comparison of Sentinel-2A and SPOT6 Data for Extracting the Main Crops in Beijing
Xuan Wang, Xiaofang Yang, Lin Ding, Yun Pan, Huili Gong, and Longqun Zheng
10:32–10:34 PICO5b.2
Analyze the vibration of pier through added mass method
An-hsun Li and Ming-che Hu
10:34–10:36 PICO5b.3
Modeling and projection of dengue fever cases in Guangzhou based on variation of weather factors
Chenlu Li, Xiaoxu Wu, and Jianing Liu
10:36–10:38 PICO5b.4
Advances in assessing the climate risk to food security
Katy Richardson, Kirsty Lewis, Edward Pope, Chris Kent, Krishna Krishnamurthy, Catherine Bradshaw, Jemma Davie, Kate Salmon, Vikki Thompson, Nick Dunstone, Adam Scaife, Andy Wiltshire, and Helen Hanlon
10:38–10:40 PICO5b.5
Hydrologic risks in agriculture and water management for high and stable crop yields
Giulia Vico and Amilcare Porporato
10:40–10:42 PICO5b.6
Hydrodynamic drivers of Vibrio spp. dynamics and associated health risks in the German Bight, Southern North Sea
Vanessa Schakau, Karsten A. Lettmann, Jörg-Olaf Wolff, and Ulrike Feudel
10:42–10:44 PICO5b.7
EGU2018-10213 | Presentation
Coupled crop-system dynamics modelling for climate resiliency of agriculture in Guatemala
Julien Malard, Jan Adamowski, Azhar Inam, Héctor Tuy, Hugo Melgar-Quiñonez, and Xingyu Peng
10:44–10:46 PICO5b.8
Understanding complexity in the water-climate-food nexus
Guido Rutten
10:46–10:48 PICO5b.9
Regional Scale Climatic Attributes and Pan Evaporation Paradox – A Case Study of Pothwar Region Pakistan
Fiaz Hussain and Ray-Shyan Wu
10:48–10:50 PICO5b.10
An innovative drought risk management tool to support resilient irrigated food production
Ian Holman, Jerry Knox, David Haro, and Mick Redman
10:50–10:52 PICO5b.11
Associations between extreme weather events, water quality and waterborne illnesses in Norway and impacts of climate change (withdrawn)
Reidun Gangstø Skaland, Vidar Lund, Karin Maria Nygård, Richard White, Linda Selje Sunde, and Wai Kwok Wong
10:52–10:54 PICO5b.12
Relative contributions of model parameter setting, driving climate and initial condition errors to uncertainty in malaria simulations in the highlands of Kenya
Adrian Tompkins and Madeleine Thomson
10:54–10:56 PICO5b.13
Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Environmental Healt (withdrawn after no-show)
Shimelis Setegn
10:56–10:58 PICO5b.14
Understanding the impact of climate variability on water and food security for US
Laureline Josset, James Rising, Tara Troy, Michelle Ho, Joohye Lim, Tess Russo, and Upmanu Lall
10:58–11:00 PICO5b.15
Water constraints in a hazelnut (Corylus avellana) orchard in NSW-Australia: a physiological approach for assessing the reduction of the potential productivity.
Gaia Pasqualotto, Vinicio Carraro, Stefano Conati, Tommaso De Gregorio, Eloy Suarez Huerta, Alberto Vacca, and Tommaso Anfodillo
Interactive presentations at PICO screens