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PICO GM5.2/CL4.31


Geomorphic response to climate variability: integrating different temporal or spatial scales from geomorphic processes and sediment archives (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Pierre Valla 
Co-Conveners: Georgina Bennett , Stephanie Olen , Günther Prasicek , Jörg Robl , Hendrik Vogel 
Session details
 / Tue, 10 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / PICO spot 1
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Tuesday, 10 Apr 2018
PICO spot 1
Chairperson: Pierre Valla
15:30–15:40 PICO1.1
The influence of discharge variability on bedrock river incision on the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i
Kimberly Huppert, Eric Deal, J. Taylor Perron, Ken Ferrier, and Jean Braun
15:40–15:42 PICO1.2
Extreme rainfall drives a slow-moving landslide to catastrophic failure (solicited) | Highlight
Alexander Handwerger, Mong-Han Huang, Eric Fielding, Adam Booth, and Roland Bürgmann
15:42–15:44 PICO1.3
The impacts of physical weathering regimes on large-scale slope distributions in High Mountain Asia and the Central Andes
Taylor Smith and Bodo Bookhagen
15:44–15:46 PICO1.4
Using cosmogenic nuclides to trace a steep climate gradient over a short distance in hyperarid northern Chile
Joel Mohren, Steven A. Binnie, Damián A. López, Benedikt Ritter, and Tibor J. Dunai
15:46–15:48 PICO1.5
Identifying drivers of near-surface reactivation in semi-arid landscapes using luminescence profiles and novel applications of modern analytical techniques
Catherine Buckland, Richard Bailey, and David Thomas
15:48–15:50 PICO1.6
Catchment-alluvial fan systems record >200 ka of millennial-scale climate changes in the subtropical Andes
Mitch D'Arcy, Taylor F. Schildgen, Stefanie Tofelde, Manfred R. Strecker, Hella Wittmann, Walter Düsing, Philipp Weissmann, and Duna C. Roda-Boluda
15:50–15:52 PICO1.7
Supercritical River Terraces: Processes driving rapid landscape change following climatic variability
Edwin Baynes and Dimitri Lague
15:52–15:54 PICO1.8
Modeling sea-level curve signatures on staircase sequences of marine terraces
Gino de Gelder, Julius Jara-Muñoz, Daniel Melnick, David Fernández-Blanco, Helene Rouby, Kevin Pedoja, and Robin Lacassin
15:54–15:56 PICO1.9
Himalayan erosion over the Plio-Pleistocene, as told by in-situ 10Be measured in Bengal fan detrital sediments
Sebastien J.P. Lenard, Jérôme Lavé, and Christian France-Lanord
15:56–15:58 PICO1.10
Erosion hotspot in the south-western Central Andes revealed by low-temperature thermochronology
Nadja Franziska Stalder, Frédéric Herman, Maria Giuditta Fellin, Magali Riesner, Martine Simoes, Robin Lacassin, and Peter William Reiners
15:58–16:00 PICO1.11
Chronology, pattern and rates of erosion and deposition processes of the Lima Conglomerate; Peru’s most prominent fan delta
Litty Camille, Schlunegger Fritz, Akcar Naki, Lanari Pierre, Christl Marcus, and Vockenhuber Christof
16:00–16:02 PICO1.12
Glacial erosion and relief production on gneiss-granite plateaus (solicited) | Highlight
David L Egholm, John D Jansen, Vivi K Pedersen, Henriette Linge, Miriam Dühnforth, Jane L Andersen, Bo H Jacobsen, Daniel Skov, and Mads F Knudsen
16:02–16:04 PICO1.13
Pleistocene evolution of a Scandinavian plateau landscape
Jane Lund Andersen, David L. Egholm, Mads F. Knudsen, Henriette Linge, John D. Jansen, Bradley W. Goodfellow, Vivi K. Pedersen, and Dmitry Tikhomirov
16:04–16:06 PICO1.14
Global analysis of erosional decoupling in fjord-plateau landscapes
John Jansen, Mads Knudsen, Bo Jacobsen, and David Egholm
16:06–16:08 PICO1.15
New data on the late Pleistocene ice-dammed lakes formation in the Kurai intermountain depression, SE Altai, Russia
Anna Agatova, Roman Nepop, Anastasiya Zhdanova, Leonid Khazin, and Piotr Moska
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