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The Antarctic Ice Sheet: past, present and future contributions towards global sea levelPICO session
Convener: Steven Phipps 
Co-Conveners: Christopher Fogwill , Felicity McCormack , Zoe Thomas 
Session details
 / Mon, 09 Apr, 08:30–10:00  / PICO spot 4
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Monday, 09 Apr 2018
PICO spot 4
Chairperson: Zoe Thomas
08:30–08:32 PICO4.1
Sensitivity of Antarctica to ocean warming during the Last Interglacial
Christian Turney, Christopher Fogwill, Nicholas Golledge, Nicholas Mckay, Erik van Sebille, Richard Jones, David Etheridge, Mauro Rubino, David Thornton, Siwan Davies, Zoë Thomas, Michael Bird, Neils Munksgaard, Mika Kohono, Kenji Kawamura, John Woodward, Kate Winter, Camilla Rootes, Helen Millman, and Andres Rivera and the the Antarctic Last Interglacial team
08:32–08:34 PICO4.2
EGU2018-2771 | Presentation
Rapid ocean-driven West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse under Last Interglacial climate forcings
Helen Millman, Steven Phipps, Nicholas Golledge, Chris Fogwill, Chris Turney, and Alexandre Nobajas
08:34–08:36 PICO4.3
The effect of millennial scale glacial climate variability on the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Javier Blasco, Ilaria Tabone, Jorge Alvarez-Solas, Alexander Robinson, and Marisa Montoya
08:36–08:38 PICO4.4
Antarctic ice sheet discharge driven by atmosphere-ocean feedbacks at the Last Glacial Termination
Christopher Fogwill, Chris Turney, Nick Golledge, David Etheridge, Maruro Rubino, David Thornoton, Andy Baker, John Woodward, Kate Winter, Tas van Ommen, Andrew Moy, Mark Curran, Siwan Davies, Mike Weber, Michale Bird, Niels Munksgaard, Laurie Menviel, Camilla Rootes, Alan Cooper, and Helen Millman
08:38–08:40 PICO4.5
EGU2018-11344 | Presentation
Using past changes to improve models of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Steven Phipps, Jason Roberts, and Duanne White
08:40–08:42 PICO4.6
Hysteresis behaviour of the Antarctic Ice Sheet with the Parallel Ice Sheet Model
Julius Garbe, Torsten Albrecht, Jonathan Donges, Anders Levermann, and Ricarda Winkelmann
08:42–08:44 PICO4.7
The impact of intrinsic ocean variability on the Totten Glacier's contribution to sea level rise
Felicity Graham, David Gwyther, and Ben Galton-Fenzi
08:44–08:46 PICO4.8
Relative sea-level changes and sedimentation: first steps toward a fully coupled system (withdrawn)
Paolo Stocchi
08:46–08:48 PICO4.9
Constraining basal heat flux in eastern Antarctica using new heat flow data from formerly contiguous geological terranes of southern Australia
Alicia Pollett, Martin Hand, Betina Bendall, Tom Raimondo, Jacqueline Halpin, and Sandra McLaren
08:48–08:50 PICO4.10
EGU2018-11314 | Presentation
The importance of geothermal heat flux in modelling of the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Steven Phipps and Jacqueline Halpin
08:50–08:52 PICO4.11
Antarctic snow accumulation over the past 200 years
Elizabeth Thomas, Brooke Medley, Melchior van Wessem, Elisabeth Isaksson, Elisabeth Schlosser, Paul Vallelonga, Jan Lenaerts, Nancy Bertler, and Michiel van den Broeke
08:52–08:54 PICO4.12
Comparison of Temperature Extremes between East Antarctica and Antarctica Peninsula in the Last Three Decades
Aihong Xie, Shimeng Wang, and Yicheng Wang
08:54–08:56 PICO4.13
Evaluation of CMIP5 precipitation in Antarctica using Earth’s oblateness observations
Byeong-Hoon Kim and Ki-Weon Seo
08:56–08:58 PICO4.14
Stopping the Flood: Could We Use Targeted Geoengineering to Mitigate Sea Level Rise?
Michael Wolovick and John Moore
08:58–09:00 PICO4.15
Challenge in determining the impact of warming limited to 1.5/2°C for Antarctica (withdrawn)
Christian Rodehacke, Madlene Pfeiffer, Tido Semmler, Thomas Kleiner, and Özgür Gurses
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