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PICO IE4.3/SSS13.73/AS5.19/BG1.20/ESSI1.8/HS11.4/NH11.13


Geostatistical and statistical tools to perform the data fusion of large datasets in geo-engineering and environmental studies (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Diego Di Curzio 
Co-Conveners: Annamaria Castrignanò , Aaron Micallef , Sergio Rusi , Giovanna Vessia , Raphael Viscarra Rossel 
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 / Thu, 12 Apr, 13:30–15:00  / PICO spot 4
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Thursday, 12 Apr 2018
PICO spot 4
Chairperson: Diego Di Curzio
13:30–13:40 PICO4.1
Advanced redox zonation of the San Pedro Sula alluvial aquifer using multivariate geostatistics
Diego Di Curzio, Sergio Rusi, and Patrizio Signanini
13:40–13:42 PICO4.2
The Complete Data Fusion as a tool for reducing the spatial and temporal resolution of Sentinel 4 and Sentinel 5 products minimizing the loss of information.
Nicola Zoppetti, Bruno Carli, Ugo Cortesi, Samuele Del Bianco, Marco Gai, Cecilia Tirelli, and Simone Ceccherini
13:42–13:44 PICO4.3
Verification of Complete Data Fusion of ozone profiles in the framework of the AURORA project
Nicola Zoppetti, Bruno Carli, Ugo Cortesi, Samuele Del Bianco, Marco Gai, Cecilia Tirelli, and Simone Ceccherini
13:44–13:46 PICO4.4
A multi-source data fusion approach to assess spatial-temporal variability and delineate homogeneous zones in a vineyard in Greece
Evangelos Anastasiou, Annamaria Castrignanò, and Spyros Fountas
13:46–13:48 PICO4.5
Identifying the scale-specific and localized multivariate control relationships in distribution of soil organic matter based on multiple wavelet coherence
Ruiying zhao, Yin Zhou, Asim Biswas, and Zhou Shi
13:48–13:50 PICO4.6
Comparison of some machine learning methods for assessing the percentage of soil organic carbon
Emanuele Barca, Giovanna Vessia, and Annamaria Castrignanò
13:50–13:52 PICO4.7
Use of a Vis-NIR spectroscopy index to estimate shallow soil salinity: an application in the Neretva River valley, Croatia
Monika Zovko, Davor Romić, Claudio Colombo, Erika Di Iorio, Marija Romić, and Gabriele Buttafuoco
13:52–13:54 PICO4.8
Soil type classification of a 3D ground volume through CPT measurements and geostatistical tools
Giovanna Vessia and Annamaria Castrignanò
13:54–13:56 PICO4.9
Site classification of Italian accelerometer stations from analysis of residuals of GMPE application to the national seismic database
Vincenzo Del Gaudio, Pierpaolo Pierri, and Venisti Nicola
13:56–13:58 PICO4.10
EGU2018-16072 | presentation | presentation
Detection of weak microseismicity in the frequency domain based on non-parametric statistics: the NpD algorithm
Marianna Kinali, Stella Pytharouli, Rebecca Lunn, Zoe Shipton, Mark Stillings, Richard Lord, and Sally Thompson
13:58–14:00 PICO4.11
The estimation of empirical rainfall threshold lines for the initiation of shallow landslide constrained by geostatistical rules
Giovanna Vessia, Alessandro Chiaudani, and Lucia Pellicciotta
14:00–14:02 PICO4.12
Statistical techniques applied on multiparameter daily time series to groundwater recharge assessment in a calderic aquifer: Roccamonfina Volcano, Italy.
Stefano Viaroli, Diego Di Curzio, Daniele Lepore, Sergio Rusi, and Roberto Mazza
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