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Climate extremes, biosphere and society: impacts, remote sensing, and feedbacks (co-organized)PICO session
Convener: Markus Reichstein 
Co-Conveners: Sonia Seneviratne , Michael Bahn , Gabriele Hegerl , Dorothea Frank , Tim van Emmerik , Jana Sillmann , Julia K. Green 
Session details
 / Thu, 12 Apr, 15:30–17:00  / PICO spot 4
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Thursday, 12 Apr 2018
PICO spot 4
15:30–15:32 PICO4.1
Connecting the Earth System with the Human System to study man-environment interactions | Highlight
Jeroen Smits and Miguel Mahecha
15:32–15:34 PICO4.2
Heat-related mortality in the Sahel : who is sensitive to short- and long-term heat exposures?
Papa Daouda A. Diène, Richard Lalou, Abdou K. Diongue, Abdoulaye Dème, and Stéphanie Dos santos
15:34–15:36 PICO4.3
Critical tipping points of reindeer management in Finland
Mia Landauer, Sirpa Rasmus, and Bruce Forbes
15:36–15:38 PICO4.4
Future climate risk: The challenge of compound events
Jakob Zscheischler, Seth Westra, Bart van den Hurk, Sonia Seneviratne, Philip Ward, Andy Pitman, Amir AghaKouchak, David Bresch, Michael Leonard, Thomas Wahl, and Xuebin Zhang
15:38–15:40 PICO4.5
Analysis of climate anomalies during past disasters
Elisabeth Tschumi, Jakob Zscheischler, and Sonia Seneviratne
15:40–15:42 PICO4.6
Revisiting the response of vegetation-atmosphere interplay to soil moisture droughts in Europe
Rene Orth, Georgia Destouni, Martin Jung, and Markus Reichstein
15:42–15:44 PICO4.7
Estimating the likelihood of an Amazon forest dieback and potential socio-economic impacts | Highlight
Anja Rammig, David M. Lapola, Patricia Pinho, Carlos A.N. Quesada, Irving F. Brown, Bart Kruijt, Adriano Premebida, Jean P.H.B. Ometto, José A. Marengo, Walter Vergara, and Carlos A. Nobre
15:44–15:46 PICO4.8
Satellite observations underestimate the impact of drought on terrestrial primary productivity
Benjamin D. Stocker, Jakob Zscheischler, Trevor F. Keenan, I. Colin Prentice, Josep Peñuelas, and Sonia Seneviratne
15:46–15:48 PICO4.9
Gross primary productivity during a heat wave – putting sun-induced fluorescence to the test
Katharina Gerdel, Georg Wohlfahrt, Mirco Migliavacca, Eyal Rotenberg, Fyodor Tatrinov, Jonathan Müller, Albin Hammerle, Tommaso Julitta, Felix M. Spielmann, and Dan Yakir
15:48–15:50 PICO4.10
Estimation of Net Primary Productivity of Turkey's Forest Ecosystems (withdrawn)
Onder Gulbeyaz and Sevda Zuhal Akyurek
15:50–15:52 PICO4.11
Implications of Hydrological Extreme Events on Freshwater Carbon Cycling – Recent Advances from Subalpine Lakes and Streams
Jakob Schelker, Astrid Harjung, Andrea Butturini, Francesc Sabater, Martin Kainz, Tom Battin, and Elisabet Ejarque
15:52–15:54 PICO4.12
Drought legacy affects microbial response to a subsequent extreme drought.
Alberto Canarini, Victoria Martin, David Zezula, Lucia Fuchslueger, Philipp Gündler, Marina Jecmenica, Michael Bahn, and Andreas Richter
15:54–15:56 PICO4.13
Plant phenological sensitivity to climate change is greater on the Tibetan Plateau than in other areas of the world (withdrawn)
Ji Suonan, Aimée Classen, Nathan Sanders, and Jin-Sheng He
15:56–15:58 PICO4.14
Phylogenetic analysis of HA and NA genes of influenza H1N1 viruses from 1918 to 2017 worldwide
Huixin Yan and Guoying Dong
15:58–16:00 PICO4.15
Impact of Solar Geoengineering on Human Health from Urban Heat Stress
 | Highlight
Liyi Chen and John C. Moore
Interactive presentations at PICO screens