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The Third Pole Environment - hydrometeorological processes and ancient human activity
Convener: Yaoming Ma  | Co-Conveners: Bob Su , Franco Salerno , Fan Zhang , Fahu Chen , Tandong Yao 
 / Wed, 11 Apr, 13:30–17:00
 / Attendance Wed, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Yaoming Ma, Fan Zhang
An evaluation of daily air temperature estimation on glacier surface in the Third Pole using MODIS LST data
Hongbo Zhang and Fan Zhang

Hall A
Investigation of the ice surface albedo in the Tibetan Plateau lakes based on the field observation and MODIS products
Zhaoguo Li, Yinhuan Ao, Shihua Lyu, Jiahe Lang, Lijuan Wen, Stepanenko Victor, Xianhong Meng, and Lin Zgao

Hall A
Contributions of surface heat fluxes and oceanic processes to tropical SST changes: Seasonal and regional dependence
Zhuoqi He, Renguang Wu, Weiqiang Wang, Zhiping Wen, and Dongxiao Wang

Hall A
An Interdecadal Change in the Intensity of Interannual Variability in Summer Rainfall over Southern China around Early 1990s
Jiepeng Chen, Zhiping Wen, Renguang Wu, Xin Wang, Chao He, and Zesheng Chen

Hall A
A.147 EGU2018-2671
Simulated lake-effect precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau:a case study at Nam Co Lake (withdrawn after no-show)
Yufeng Dai

Hall A
Comparison of summer chlorophyll a concentration in the South China Sea and the Arabian Sea using remote sensing data
Jinglong Yao, Qiang Xie, Ju Chen, and Chuqun Chen

Hall A
Possible Mechanism of Qinghai - Tibet Plateau and Pacific Vertical Movement Affecting Chinese Climate
Rongxiang Tian and Duo Zha

Hall A
Numerical simulation of the climate effect of high-altitude lakes in the Tibetan Plateau
Yinhuan Ao, Shihua Lyu, and Zhaoguo Li

Hall A
A.151 EGU2018-3668
Characteristics of Long-term Surface Heat Source and Its Climate Influence Factors in Northern Tibetan Plateau (withdrawn after no-show)
Xiaoqiang Yan, Zeyong Hu, Genhou Sun, and Zhipeng Xie

Hall A
Estimation of the land surface temperature and land-atmosphere energy transfer over the Tibetan Plateau by using Chinese geostationary satellite data
Lei Zhong, Yaoming Ma, Zhongbo Su, and Weiqiang Ma

Hall A
Loose sediments distribution and its relationship with aeolian desertification in the Tibetan Plateau
Yongqiu Wu, Shisong Du, and Lihua Tan

Hall A
A.154 EGU2018-4200
Lake water budget at Paiku Co, central Himalayas: Observations and modeling (withdrawn after no-show)
Yanbin Lei, Tandong Yao, Kun Yang, Zhu La, Jing Zhou, and Lei Wang

Hall A
Why precipitation increased in the Qiangtang Plateau since the middle of the 1990s
Yanshuang Wang, Weidong Guo, and Kun Yang

Hall A
15N record of anthropogenic nitrogen deposition from the recent sediments of Tianchi Lake on the Chinese Loess Plateau and its implications for alpine ecosystems
Jie Chen, Jianbao Liu, and Fahu Chen

Hall A
MESETA: Modelling physical and dynamical processes over the Tibetan Plateau and their regional effects over East Asia
Reinhard Schiemann, Andrew G. Turner, Julia Curio, Kai Chi Wong, Senfeng Liu, and Kevin Hodges

Hall A
Farming the Tibetan Plateau in prehistoric period
Guanghui Dong

Hall A
A.159 EGU2018-18275
GEWEX Activities in Third Pole Environment and its relation to other global activities (solicited) (withdrawn)
Peter van Oevelen

Hall A
Determination of land surface heat fluxes and evapotranspiration over heterogeneous landscape: from Tibetan Plateau to Third Pole region and Pan-Third Pole region
Yaoming Ma

Hall A
A.161 EGU2018-2375
Inter-comparison of Water Budgets over the Tibetan Plateau in the Regional East Asian Reanalysis and the Multiple Global Reanalyses products (withdrawn after no-show)
jianjun xu, Yu Zhang, Qien Huang, Yushan Pan, and Feng Xu

Hall A
A.162 EGU2018-2678
Orographically-anchored El Niño effect on summer rainfall in the mountainous regions to the east of Tibet (withdrawn after no-show)
Kaiming Hu

Hall A
A.163 EGU2018-18001
Enhancing Climate and Disaster Resilience in the Third Pole – The Need for Geo-Eco-Social Systems Integration and Transdisciplinarity (withdrawn after no-show)
Wei Liu

Hall A
Westerlies Asia and monsoonal Asia: spatial difference in climate change and possible mechanisms on decadal to sub-orbital scales
Fahu Chen, Jianhui Chen, Wei Huang, Shengqian Chen, and Xiaozhong Huang

Hall A
Temporal variabilities of runoff and suspended sediment load in the Babao River basin
Fan Zhang and Guanxing Wang