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The Indian Ocean's past, present, and future (co-organized)
Convener: Caroline Ummenhofer  | Co-Conveners: Jérôme Vialard , Raleigh Hood , Birgit Gaye , Ben Webber , Gregory L. Cowie 
 / Fri, 13 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 13 April 2018, 08:30–10:00
Hall X4
Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
The dynamics of the Southwest Monsoon Current in the Bay of Bengal
Ben Webber, Adrian Matthews, Pn Vinayachandran, Cp Neema, Alejandra Sanchez-Franks, Vv Vijith, Amol Prakash, and Dariusz Baranowski

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Influences of Pacific Climate Variability on Decadal Subsurface Ocean Heat Content Variations in the Indian Ocean
Xiaolin Jin, Young-Oh Kwon, Caroline Ummenhofer, Hyodae Seo, Franziska Schwarzkopf, Arne Biastoch, Claus Böning, and Jonathon Wright

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Interaction and variability of very short-lived substances from the tropical Indian Ocean to the stratosphere
Kirstin Krüger, Alina Fiehn, Birgit Quack, and Elliot Atlas

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Role of remote forcing from the Bay of Bengal in the maintenance of Laccadive High off the southwest coast of India
Tanuja Nigam and Vimlesh Pant

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Productivity variations in the Northeast Indian Ocean during middle Miocene in connection with initiation and intensification of SW Monsoons.
Barnita Banerjee, Syed Masood Ahmad, Evssk Babu, and Waseem Raza

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Reconstruction of Glacial-Interglacial Temperature and Export Production Gradients over the Polar and Subantarctic Front in the Southern Indian Ocean
Lena M. Thöle, Alfredo Martínez-García, Eri Amsler, Julia Gottschalk, Alexandra Auderset, Jörg Lippold, Alain Mazaud, Elisabeth Michel, and Samuel L. Jaccard

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
X4.61 EGU2018-15307
Structure and Dynamics of Surface eddies in the Arabian Sea (withdrawn)
Adam Ayouche, Xavier Carton, Mathieu Morvan, Alexandre Stegner, and Briac Le Vu

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
A robust projected weakening of winter monsoon winds over the Arabian sea under climate change
Vallivattathillam Parvathi, Iyyappan Suresh, Matthieu Lengaigne, Takeshi Izumo, and Jérôme Vialard

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
X4.63 EGU2018-3496
Upper Ocean Response to Tropical Cyclone Phailin (2013) over the Freshwater Plume in the Northern Bay of Bengal (withdrawn)
Yun Qiu and Xinyu Lin

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Freshwater transport in the Bay of Bengal and its modulation by eddies and the Indian Ocean Dipole
Akurathi V S Chaitanya, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jerome Vialard, Francesco d'Ovidio, Fabrice Papa, and Jean Riotte

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Palaeoceanographic insights on the glacial-interglacial hydrographic evolution of the Bay of Bengal during the last 500,000 years
Rose Manceau, Gianluca Marino, Eelco Rohling, Jimin Yu, Yuhao Dai, Liam Holder, and Clara Bolton

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
New SMOS surface salinity retrieval overcomes previous issues in the Bay of Bengal: assessment of its seasonal and interannual variability
Valiya Parambil Akhil, Jerome Vialard, Matthieu Lengaigne, Madhavan Girijakumari Keerthi, Jacqueline Boutin, Jean-luc Vergely, and Stephane Marchand

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
On the recent warming of the Indian Ocean
Abish Bose, Annalisa Cherchi, and Satyaban Ratna

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
Impact of horizontal salinity gradients on the Bay of Bengal circulation and mesoscale variability
Madhavan Girijakumari Keerthi, Matthieu Lengaigne, Jerome Vialard, and Rachid Benshilla

Chairperson: Ummenhofer, Vialard, Webber
X4.69 EGU2018-11370
Influence of air-sea coupling on indian ocean tropical cyclones (withdrawn after no-show)
Matthieu Lengaigne, Singh Neetu, Guillaume Samson, Jérôme Vialard, Krish Krishnamohan, Sebastien Masson, Swen Jullien, Iyappan Suresh, and Christophe Menkes