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Posters BG2.27/CL3.08/SSS13.7


The role of trees and understories in controlling forest dynamics in current and future environments (co-organized)
Convener: Robert Bradley  | Co-Conveners: Michael Gundale , Willian Vieira , Krystyna Ciarkowska , Kathrin Rousk 
 / Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 15:30–17:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 13 April 2018, 15:30–17:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Amy Wotherspoon
Eddy covariance measurements: Carbon exchange of forest ecosystems after different disturbances (A review)
Sille Rebane, Kalev Jõgiste, Eneli Allikmäe, John Stanturf, and Marek Metslaid

A.435 EGU2018-1645
Nitrogen fixation hotspots along moss shoots: abiotic vs. biotic controls (withdrawn)
Jørgen U.G. Levinsen, Anders Michelsen, and Kathrin Rousk

Anthropogenic deposition of heavy metals and phosphorus may reduce biological N2 fixation in boreal forest mosses
Dalton Scott, Robert Bradley, Jean-Philippe Bellenger, Daniel Houle, Michael Gundale, Kathrin Rousk, and Tom DeLuca

Does the understory affect cation exchange capacity and aluminium solubility in acid soils under spruce forest stands?
Krystyna Ciarkowska and Anna Miechówka

A.438 EGU2018-3186
Main overstory and understory species rhizosphere C:N:P stoichiometry of plantations in subtropical China (withdrawn after no-show)
Xiaoqin Dai, Xueli Mo, Xiaoli Fu, Liang Kou, and Huimin Wang

A.439 EGU2018-3187
Elaborate differences between trees and understory plants in the deployment of fine roots (withdrawn after no-show)
Peipei Jiang, Huimin Wang, Xiaoli Fu, Xiaoqin Dai, Liang Kou, and Junlong Wang

Biochar management in a boreal forest
Michael Gundale, Marie-Charlotte Nilsson, and David Wardle

Can forest management help increase forest migration rate northward to follow climate change? A theoretical model approach
Willian Vieira, Daniel Houle, and Dominique Gravel

Interactions between long-term scarification and climate regime control the competitiveness and reduces the spread of boreal ericaceous shrubs
Krista Reicis, Robert Bradley, Gilles Joanisse, Nelson Thiffault, and Amy Wotherspoon

A.443 EGU2018-5918
Cd toxicity in Ash amended to plantations; the dilemma of different answers at different levels of description. (withdrawn after no-show)
Søren Christensen, Flemming Ekelund, Rasmus Kjoller, Mette Vestergård, Jesper Johansen, Louise Hindborg Mortensen, Carla Cruz Paredes, Toke Andreasen, Morten Ingerslev, Mette Hansen, Paul Henning Krogh, Jiayi Qin, Mads Frederik Hovmand, Simon Skov, Alberto Maresca, Thomas Fruergaard Astrup, Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Ditte Ethelberg Findsen, Nikolaj Lunding Kindtler, and Majken Lundstad Nielsen

The future of US forest function under changing environment, disturbance, and forest management
Christina Staudhammer, William Kleindl, Chiung-Shiuan Fu, Ankur Desai, Michael Dietze, Paul Duffy, Matthew Marsik, Christy Rollinson, Courtney Schultz, Greg Starr, and Paul Stoy

Tree species effects are amplified by clay content in acidic soils
Karen Vancampenhout, Gorik Verstraeten, Ellen Desie, Jakub Hlava, Stephanie Schelfhout, Kris Verheyen, and Bart Muys

Fifteen years of carbon flux measurements and the effects of nitrogen fertilization in a Pacific Northwest Douglas-fir stand
Sung Ching Lee, T. Andrew Black, Rachhpal S. Jassal, Andreas Christen, Gesa Meyer, and Zoran Nesic

Monitoring the long-term effects of fire intensity on the functional properties of soil biochar
Olusegun Oyewole, Pascale Beauregard, and Robert Bradley

Soil C stock is controlled by forest understories in the African tropical forest of eastern Cameroon: a 13C analysis
Soh Sugihara, Makoto Shibata, Mvondo Ze Antoine, Shigeru Araki, Haruo Tanaka, Takashi Kosaki, and Shinya Funakawa

Effects of functional traits of bryophyte layer on water cycling and energy balance in boreal and arctic ecosystems
Antti-Jussi Kieloaho and Samuli Launianen

Carbon budget and cycling in a Danish willow short rotation coppice ecosystem– climate sensitivity and climate change mitigation potential
Andreas Ibrom and Kim Pilegaard

Diversity of the microbial activity in the varied soils of different forest habitat type of the Pieniny National Park
Justyna Sokołowska, Agnieszka Józefowska, Michał Gąsiorek, Bartłomiej Kajdas, Joanna Kowalska, Ryszard Mazurek, Tomasz Wanic, Karolina Woźnica, Paweł Zadrożny, and Tomasz Zaleski

Evaluation of future forest management scenarios for Sweden using process-based ecosystem models.
Anne Sofie Lansø, Alex Resovsky, Mikhail Mishurov, Bertrand Guenet, Philippe Peylin, Benjamin Smith, Johan Bergh, Nicolas Vuichard, Palmira Messina, James Ryder, Kim Naudts, Yi-Ying Chen, Juliane Otto, Matthew McGrath, Aude Valade, and Sebastiaan Luyssaert

A.453 EGU2018-15732
Responses of competitive understorey species to spatial environmental gradients inaccurately explain temporal changes (withdrawn)
emiel de lombaerde, kris verheyen, and lander baeten

Admixing fir to European beech forests to increase resilience in a changing climate: Effects on soil organic carbon stocks and soil-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases
Stephanie Rehschuh, Javier Tejedor, Martin Fuchs, Ruth Magh, Heinz Rennenberg, and Michael Dannenmann

Designing sustainable management option for maintaining diversity and ecosystem function in Mediterranean coppice forests: an ecological approach
Francesco Chianucci, Sara Landi, Simonetta Bagella, Andrea Cutini, Piermaria Corona, and Carlotta Ferrara

Modeling twentieth century changes in forest productivity in Sweden using LPJ-GUESS and ORCHIDEE-CN-CAN
Alex Resovsky, Anne-Sofie Lansø, Mikhail Mishurov, Bertrand Guenet, Philippe Peylin, Benjamin Smith, Johan Bergh, Nicolas Vuichard, Palmira Messina, James Ryder, Kim Naudts, Yi-Ying Chen, Julianne Otto, Matthew McGrath, Aude Valade, and Sebastiaan Luyssaert

Chlorine distribution in an forest ecosystem gradient – role of understory
Teresia Svensson, Anders Löfgren, Ulrik Kautsky, Peter Saetre, Rodolfo Avila, and David Bastviken

A.458 EGU2018-18255
Towards Estimates of Full Climate Change Effects of Forestry (withdrawn after no-show)
Frank Berninger, Annikki Mäkelä, Tuomo Kalliokoski, and Lauri Valsta