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Forests under pressure: current knowledge and future science directions
Convener: Francesco Ripullone  | Co-Conveners: Giovanna Battipaglia , Jesus Julio Camarero , Veronica De Micco , Bernhard Schuldt , Henrik Hartmann 
 / Fri, 13 Apr, 13:30–17:00
 / Attendance Wed, 11 Apr, 17:30–19:00
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Wednesday, 11 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Bernhard Schuldt
Impact of treeline migration at high latitudes in Siberia – combining modelling and genetics.
Stefan Kruse, Alexander Gerdes, and Ulrike Herzschuh

Hall A
European forest management in a more extreme climate: Modelling solutions for risk resilient management
Anja Rammig, Ekaterina Sycheva, Knoke Thomas, Lindeskog Mats, Chreptun Claudia, Ficko Andrej, and Smith Ben

Hall A
Intra-annual leaf phenology, radial growth and variation in non-structural carbohydrates in wood and bark of Quercus pubescens from drought-prone environment
Jozica Gricar, Saša Zavadlav, Tuula Jyske, Martina Lavrič, Tapio Laakso, Polona Hafner, Klemen Eler, and Dominik Vodnik

Hall A
Climate Change Impacts on the Growth of Hybrid Poplar Trees in an Agroforestry System in Brandenburg, NE Germany
Diana-Maria Seserman, Ina Pohle, Dirk Freese, and Maik Veste

Hall A
Hydraulic strategies of the longest-lived Southern Hemisphere conifer to face aridification Highlight
Rocio Urrutia-Jalabert, Maria Paz Peña, Rafael Coopman, Mylthon Jiménez-Castillo, Danny Carvajal, and Antonio Lara

Hall A
EGU2018-5981 | presentation
Annual GHG emissions from forest soil of peri-urban conifer forests under different canopy densities in Greece
Foteini Doukalianou, Kalliopi Radoglou, Alessandra Lagomarsino, Alessandro Elio Agneli, Kiriaki Kitikidou, Elias Milios, and Michail Orfanoudakis

Hall A
A.296 EGU2018-19785
Climatic drivers of tree mortality patterns in temperate and tropical montane forests: using networks of forest inventory data (withdrawn after no-show)
Patrick Martin and Charles Canham

Hall A
An automatic method for bamboo-dominated forests die-off detection based on remote sensing time series and bamboo life cycle characteristics
Ricardo Dalagnol, Fabien Hubert Wagner, Lênio Soares Galvão, and Luiz Eduardo Oliveira e Cruz de Aragão

Hall A
EGU2018-9958 | presentation
Forest tree defoliation and mortality in Tuscany (central Italy) connected to extreme drought and heat wave in the 2017 summer: a preliminary report
Martina Pollastrini, Filippo Bussotti, Giovanni Iacopetti, Nicola Puletti, Walter Mattioli, and Federico Selvi

Hall A
A.299 EGU2018-16215
Modelling leaf litter and topsoil carbon stocks in Italian beech forests under a climate change scenario (withdrawn)
Michele Innangi, Tiziana Danise, Carmela Marsilio, Francesco d'Alessandro, Elena Curcio, Mirko Di Febbraro, and Antonietta Fioretto

Hall A
A.300 EGU2018-15162
Tracking the dynamics of human modified tropical forests in Borneo (withdrawn after no-show)
David Coomes, Matheus Henrique Nunes, Tom Swinfield, and Gregory Asner

Attendance Time: Friday, 13 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Veronica De Micco
Monitoring age of private owned Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) and Pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens Willd.) forests in Croatian Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean with Sentinel 2 multispectral satellite
Alen Berta, Zrinka Mesić, Tom Levanič, Ivona Žiža, Davor Korman, Nela Jantol, Dalibor Hatić, and Vladimir Kušan

Hall A
Can plant functional diversity buffer forest ecosystem responses to drought? Highlight
William Anderegg, Alexandra Konings, Anna Trugman, Kailiang Yu, David Bowling, Daniel Karp, Stephen Pacala, John Sperry, and Benjamin Sulman

Hall A
Multidisciplinary approach to evaluating fire-related responses in Pinus pinaster Aiton
Francesco Niccoli, Assunta Esposito, Simona Altieri, Giuseppina Vicario, and Giovanna Battipaglia

Hall A
Drought triggers oak decline and mortality in a temperate floodplain forest in Northwest Italy
Michele Colangelo, Jesus Julio Camarero, Antonio Gazol, Raul Sánchez-Salguero, Jonas Oliva, Miguel Angel Redondo, and Francesco Ripullone

Hall A
Assessing late spring frost effects on beech forests in the Mediterranean region by a remote sensing approach
Angelo Nole, Angelo Rita, Agostino Ferrara, Francesco Ripullone, and Marco Borghetti

Hall A
The influence of thinning on soil CO2, N2O and CH4 fluxes in a degraded peri-urban forest
Gianluigi Mazza, Alessandro Elio Agnelli, Ugo Chiavetta, and Alessandra Lagormarsino

Hall A
Interspecific differences of long-term fire effects on xylem hydraulics
Andreas Bär and Stefan Mayr

Hall A
Effect of forest mixture and management practices on plantation productivity and water use efficiency of Quercus robur L.
Francesco Pelleri, Angela Puoti, Maria Chiara Manetti, Dalila Sansone, and Giovanna Battipaglia

Hall A
Plastic responses in xylogenesis affect tree-ring growth and forest productivity under Mediterranean climate fluctuations
Veronica De Micco, Angela Balzano, Katarina Čufar, Enrica Zalloni, and Giovanna Battipaglia

Hall A
Growth and physiological response of young plants of Mediterranean species under a simulated heat wave
Chiara Cirillo, Antonio Pannico, Angela Balzano, Enrica Zalloni, Rosanna Caputo, Giovanna Battipaglia, Carmen Arena, and Veronica De Micco