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Formation and reactivation of small oceanic domains and hyperextended rift basins (co-organized)
Convener: Patricia Cadenas Martínez  | Co-Conveners: Gabriela Fernández-Viejo , Gianreto Manatschal , Tim Minshull , J. Kim Welford , Alexander L. Peace 
 / Mon, 09 Apr, 15:30–17:00
 / Attendance Mon, 09 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Attendance Time: Monday, 9 April 2018, 17:30–19:00
Hall X2
Chairperson: Gianreto Manatschal/Alexander Peace
Numerical modelling of crustal and lithospheric structural inheritance influences on Mesozoic-Cenozoic rifting of the Davis Strait, offshore West Greenland
Philip Heron, Alexander L. Peace, Kenneth McCaffrey, J. Kim Welford, Woody Wilson, and Russell Pysklywec

X2.158 EGU2018-10991<span style="font-size: .8em!important; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: super; color: green!important;"></span>
The Thermomechanical Evolution of Hyper-Extended Lithosphere: Inheritance, Depth-Dependent Thinning and Detachment Faults. (withdrawn after no-show)
Luc Lavier, Philip Ball, and Andrew Smye

X2.159 EGU2018-8514<span style="font-size: .8em!important; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: super; color: green!important;"></span>
Effect of contrasting structural and compositional inheritances on the development of rifting margins (withdrawn after no-show)
Suzon Jammes and Luc Lavier

Systematic Heat Flow Measurements Across the Wagner Basin, Northern Gulf of California
Raquel Negrete-Aranda, Florian Neumann, Robert N. Harris, Juan Contreras, John G. Sclater, and Antonio Gonzalez-Fernandez

A large-scale transfer zone reveals new insights into the geodynamic evolution of the South China Sea
Fang Zhao, Shaohong Xia, Jinlong Sun, Huilong Xu, Jinghe Cao, Chaoyan Fan, and Kuiyuan Wan

EGU2018-11985 | presentation
Structural and geological analysis of the northern Pescadero basin, Gulf of California: preliminary results based on the analysis of 2D multichannel seismic reflection profiles
Ronald M. Spelz, Nestor Alí Ramírez-Zerpa, Antonio González-Fernández, Ismael Yarbuh, and Juan Contreras

The role of rift inheritance and segmentation in the Bay of Biscay - Pyrenean system: insights from the Santander Transfer Zone
Jordi Miro, Josep Anton Muñoz, Gianreto Manatschal, Julie Tugend, Patricia Cadenas, and Rodolphe Lescoutre

The sedimentary architecture of the Hatton Basin from new 2D seismic reflection and gravity data
Laura Berdi, Manel Prada, Brian O'Reilly, Peter Haughton, Patrick Shannon, and Sara Martínez-Loriente

Lithospheric density structure of the North Iberian margin along the southern Bay of Biscay from constrained 3-D gravity inversion
J. Kim Welford, Patricia Cadenas, and Gabriela Fernandez-Viejo

Thermodynamic, geophysical and rheological modeling of the lithosphere underneath the North Atlantic Porcupine Basin (Ireland)
Charlotte Botter, Manel Prada, and Javier Fullea

Rift models for the central segment of the Northern Red Sea
Philip Ball, Dumitru Ion, Ahmed Salem, Joao Keller, and Ron Borsato

Continental hyperextension, mantle serpentinisation and seafloor spreading in the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland
Tim Minshull, Chen Chen, Manel Prada, Louise Watremez, Brian O'Reilly, Tim Reston, Dirk Klaeschen, Pat Shannon, and Rose Edwards

Palaeo-datum and Tectonic Context of Salt Deposition at Rifted Margins: The N Angolan Example
Nick Kusznir, Gianreto Manatschal, Julia Gomez-Romeu, and Leanne Cowie

New insights into crustal- and basin-scale processes in the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland, from travel-time tomography of active-source seismic data
Manel Prada, François Lavoué, Louise Watremez, Chen Chen, Brian M. O'Reilly, Timothy A. Minshull, Sergei Lebedev, Timothy J. Reston, Patrick Shannon, Dirck Klaeschen, and Muhammad Mudasar Saqab

X2.171 EGU2018-11634<span style="font-size: .8em!important; font-weight: bold; vertical-align: super; color: green!important;"><span title="Early career scientist: an ECS is an undergraduate or postgraduate (Masters/PhD) student or a scientist who has received his or her highest degree (BSc, MSc, or PhD) within the past seven years*. *Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.">ECS</span></span>
Post-rift magmatism in the hyper-extended failed rift system (Qiongdongnan basin) and its impacts on the tectonic evolution of South China Sea (withdrawn)
Lijie Wang, Zhipeng Sun, Jitian Zhu, Jinhai Yang, and Zhen Sun

Subduction-related continental rifting and microcontinent formation
Joost van den Broek, Carmen Gaina, Susanne Buiter, and Torgeir B. Andersen

Modelling orogenic wedge formation from hyper-extended passive margins and exhumed sub-continental mantle with application to the Western Alps
Lorenzo G. Candioti, Stefan M. Schmalholz, Thibault Duretz, and Suzanne Picazo

The buffering effect of a continental block on the reactivation of a hyperthinned rift basin: the Asturian Basin and the Le Danois High in the southern Bay of Biscay
Patricia Cadenas, Gabriela Fernández-Viejo, and Gianreto Manatschal

A crustal view on the pyrenean rift system: the Arzacq-Mauléon basins (W Pyrenees)
Benoît Petri, Rodolphe Lescoutre, Gianreto Manatschal, Emmanuel Masini, and Othmar Müntener