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Investigation of soil-plant-atmosphere interactions with lysimeters and ecotrons
Convener: Thomas Puetz  | Co-Conveners: Wolfgang Durner , Horst H. Gerke , Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen , Adriaan J. (Ryan) Teuling 
 / Attendance Fri, 13 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Attendance Time: Friday, 13 April 2018, 08:30–10:00
Hall A
Chairperson: Thomas Puetz
A.225 EGU2018-15369
Impact of groundwater regimes on water balance components of a site with a shallow water table (withdrawn)
Ottfried Dietrich, Thomas Kaiser, and Jörg Steidl

Hall A
Modeling a decade-long record of evaporation and recharge dynamics in a deep desert soil lysimeter using the surface evaporation capacitor concept
Peter Lehmann, Markus Berli, Jeremy E. Koonce, and Dani Or

Hall A
Modeling Water Redistribution in a Near-Surface Desert Soil
Yuan Luo, Jeremy Koonce, Jelle Dijkema, Rose Shillito, Teamrat Ghezzehei, and Markus Berli

Hall A
Numerical analysis of heat and water transport in the unsaturated zone in the presence of a shallow water table
Jiangbo Han and Jin Lin

Hall A
Computed reference evapotranspiration versus lysimeter measurements: Do rainfall and irrigation bias the correlation?
Reinhard Nolz and Marek Rodný

Hall A
Evaluation of different methods for gap filling of actual evapotranspiration time series measured by lysimeters
yafei huang, Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen, Martin Hirschi, Detlef Schumacher, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Ryan Teuling, Roland Vogt, Thomas Pütz, and Harry Vereecken

Hall A
Which state variables matter to estimate water flow and transport parameters of layered soils?
Jannis Groh, Christine Stumpp, Thomas Pütz, Andreas Lücke, Jan Vanderborght, and Harry Vereecken

Hall A
Quantification and estimation of nighttime evapotranspiration for two distinct grassland ecosystems
Jannis Groh, Thomas Pütz, Jan Vanderborght, and Harry Vereecken

Hall A
A.233 EGU2018-3910
A new Lysimeter-based platform and analysis to monitor the soil-plant-atmosphere dynamic processes under varying levels of soil water availability (withdrawn)
Rony Wallach

Hall A
Quantification of non-rainfall water for a low mountain range and alpine grassland ecosystems
Veronika Slawitsch, Jannis Groh, Markus Herndl, Alexander Graf, Harry Vereecken, and Thomas Pütz

Hall A
Effects of elevated temperature and CO2 concentration on the soil water balance in permanent grassland areas
Veronika Slawitsch, Steffen Birk, Markus Herndl, Erich Pötsch, and Andreas Schaumberger

Hall A
A.236 EGU2018-8741
An interdisciplinary project using Ecotrons to assess the effects of climate change on heathland ecosystem functioning (withdrawn)
Francois Rineau, Natalie Beenaerts, Jan Clerinx, Michele Moretti, Sebastien Lizin, Nele Witters, Anne Nobel, Robert Malina, and Jaco Vangronsveld

Hall A
terraXcube: An emerging ecotrone to converge chamber experiments and environmental studies in alpine ecology
Georg Niedrist, Andrea Nollo, Hermann Brugger, Andrea Vilardi, Georg Leitinger, and Ulrike Tappeiner

Hall A
Dynamic niche partitioning of water use in diverse ecosystems is affected by the presence of plant functional groups
Marcus Guderle, Dörte Bachmann, Alexandru Milcu, Annette Jesch (neé Gockele), Christiane Roscher, Jacques Roy, Nina Buchmann, and Anke Hildebrandt

Hall A
Biodiversity and plant water-use strategies control productivity and water use efficiency in periods of drought
Georg Leitinger, Nikolaus Obojes, Christian Newesely, Francesca Scandellari, Michael Thoma, Massimo Tagliavini, Ulrike Tappeiner, and Erich Tasser

Hall A
A.240 EGU2018-18851
Multi-temporal variation in water consumption of summer maize as determined by the Water Transformation Dynamical Processes Experimental Device (withdrawn)
Ying Ma, Yali Wu, and Xianfang Song