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Geochemical and geodynamic perspectives on the origin and evolution of deep-seated mantle melts and their interaction with the continental lithosphere | PICO
Convener: Igor Ashchepkov  | Co-Conveners: Evgenii Sharkov , Sonja Aulbach 
 / Wed, 11 Apr, 13:30–17:00

The origin and evolution of the continental lithosphere is closely linked to changes in mantle dynamics through time, from its formation through melt depletion to multistage reworking and reorganisation related to interaction with melts formed both beneath and within it. Understanding this history is critical to our understanding of terrestrial dynamics, element cycles and metallogeny.
We welcome contributions dealing with: (1) Reconstructions of the structure and composition of the lithospheric mantle, and the origin of its stratification, such as the influence of plumes and subduction zones during root construction; (2) Interactions of plume- and subduction-derived melts and fluids with continental lithosphere, and the nature and development of metasomatic agents; (3) Source rocks, formation conditions (P-T-fO2) and evolution of mantle melts originating below or in the mantle lithosphere; (4) Modes of melt migration and ascent, as constrained from numerical modelling and microstructures of natural mantle samples; (5) Role of mantle melts and fluids in the generation of hybrid and acid magmas.

These topics can be illuminated using the geochemistry and fabric of mantle xenoliths and orogenic peridotites, mantle-derived melts and experimental simulations.