SSS12.2 | PICO
Field and laboratory experiments in Soil Science, Geomorphology and Hydrology research and teaching
Co-organized as GM1.11/HS9.1.5
Convener: Thomas Iserloh | Co-conveners: Miriam Marzen, Wolfgang Fister, Jorge Isidoro, Ian Pattison
| Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 3

A well-designed experiment is a crucial methodology in Soil Science, Geomorphology and Hydrology.
Depending on the specific research topic, a great variety of tempo-spatial scales is addressed.
From raindrop impact and single particle detachment to the shaping of landscapes: experiments are designed and conducted to illustrate problems, clarify research questions, develop and test hypotheses, generate data and deepen process understanding.
Every step involved in design, construction, conduction, processing and interpretation of experiments and experimental data might be a challenge on itself, and discussions within the community can be a substantial and fruitful component for both, researchers and teachers.
This PICO session offers a forum for experimentalists, teachers, students and enthusiasts.
We invite you to present your work, your questions, your results and your method, to meet, to discuss, to exchange ideas and to consider old and new approaches.
Join the experimentalists!