SC3.14 ECS
Everything you wanted to know about AWARDS (but were afraid to ask!)
Convener: Lisa Wingate | Co-conveners: Claudia Jesus-Rydin, Fabrizio Storti
Wed, 10 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room -2.16

Within the geosciences there are a number of prestigious award and medal programmes that recognise the scholarly contributions of scientists in their research field. Recognition by the research community and general public can boost the self-confidence and self-identity of scientists as well as creating role models for present and future generations of geoscientists. Furthermore, awards can lead to further positive recognition in the form of tenure, promotion or grant application and thus can significantly boost the recipient’s career trajectory.
This short course will provide an overview of the current diversity in awards available to geoscientists. It will enhance awareness of the nominating and selection process for awards in general. Finally our aim is to encourage and motivate young and senior scientists to become active in the nomination process and engage in the discussion of the nomination and selection process.
Invited Speaker: Özgür Karatekin (Chair of the EGU Union Awards Committee)
Round Table Discussion: with a diverse range of present and former Division Presidents from the geosciences.

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08:30 Welcome and Introduction by the Convenors

08:35 Annica Ekman (President of the EGU Atmospheric Sciences Division 2017-2019)
Athanasios Nenes (President of the EGU Atmospheric Sciences Division 2019-2021)

08:50 Özgür Karatekin (Chair of the EGU Union Awards Committee and Deputy President of the EGU Planetary Sciences Division)

09:05 Sonia Seneviratne, ETH Zurich
Recipient of the James B. Macelwane Medal awarded by the AGU.
Fellow of the AGU

09:15 Murugesu Sivapalan University of Illinois
Recipient of the John Dalton Medal and the Alfred Wegener Medal awarded by the EGU, the Hydrological Sciences Award and the Robert E Horton Medal awarded by the AGU. Fellow of the AGU, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, the Modeling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand and Life Member of the International Water Academy

09:30 Round Table discussion and questions from the audience

• Özgür Karatekin EGU Awards Committee President
• Annica Ekman EGU Atmospheric Sciences President
• Athanasios Nenes EGU Atmospheric Sciences President
• Elena Toth EGU Hydrological Sciences President
• Giuliana Panieri EGU Biogeosciences President
• Sonia Seneviratne
• Murugesu Sivapalan