SC3.16 ECS
How to find funding and write a research grant
Convener: Fernando Iglesias-Suarez | Co-conveners: Steffen A. Schweizer, Steffen Seitz, Jenny Turton
Tue, 09 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Room -2.16

Drafting your first grant proposal can be daunting. Grant writing improves with experience, so how do early career scientists compete on equal footing with those who are more established? In this short course, a panel of scientists will share their experience applying to different funding bodies (national and international research grants, such as NERC (UK) and DFG (German)). Gain insight and (even better) inspiration by discussing with the panel the bits and pieces you may struggle with when writing a strong grant proposal.

NOTE - this course has a broader scope than the more specific ERC and Marie Curie short courses. This course gives broad tips and hints on how to write a successful proposal irrespective of the funding body.