Making high resolution topographic analysis more reproducible with LSDTopoTools
Co-organized as GM12.2/HS12.11/NH10.7/SSS13.39, co-sponsored by SSI
Convener: Stuart Grieve | Co-conveners: Fiona Clubb, Boris Gailleton, Martin D. Hurst, Simon Mudd
Mon, 08 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room -2.62

LSDTopoTools ( is an open source software package used to analyse landscapes, with applications in geomorphology, ecology, hydrology, soil science and planetary science. The primary aims of the software are to enable efficient, reproducible analysis of high resolution topographic data and to support the development and implementation of novel analysis techniques. During the course, attendees will gain hands on experience performing common analyses on provided topographic datasets, learn about more advanced techniques provided by the software and will have the opportunity to discuss their research with lead developers and users of LSDTopoTools.

This short course will cover:

- The principles of reproducible topographic analysis
- The calculation of simple topographic metrics
- The extraction and analysis of channel networks from high resolution topographic data
- Publication quality visualisation of analysis results

By the end of the course attendees will:

- Have a working version of LSDTopoTools on their personal laptop, ready to be used for their own research
- Understand the benefits of making topographic analysis more reproducible
- Be able to run topographic analyses on their own datasets
- Be able to visualise the results of these analyses without commercial software

Attendees must bring a laptop and are not required to have any programming experience, although familiarity with a command line shell would be beneficial.