SC3.19 ECS
How to make the most of your PhD or postdoc experience for getting your next job in academia
Convener: Giovanni Mastrolonardo | Co-conveners: Cathelijne Stoof, Peter Vermeulen
Tue, 09 Apr, 16:15–18:00
Room -2.85

You are working towards you PhD degree, and you know you want to stay in academia. Or you have just completed your doctorate and you are seeking a new job whatever and wherever it will be. But you are asking yourself how to increase your chances? Apart from having a good research record, on what grounds are people hired, what qualifications does one need to have to get hired, and how can you develop a strategy that fits with your personality?
Well, welcome to the early career researcher (ECR) club. We will share our experience as a current postdoc ECR, an assistant professor, and a former experienced ECR that left the science-part of academia. We will talk about our common experience in failing to obtain grants and research positions, and in sometimes succeeding.

In this short course you will gain more insight into how you can plan your path, and what skills you need for this. We will use information from our networks on hiring decisions, and add our personal experience so you know of different methods on how to find out what is expected from you, and how to define your overarching research niche that broadens your appeal for both grants and research positions. In addition, you will gain tips and tricks on networking while staying close to yourself, and you will learn about the pros and cons of moving away from the country you are currently working in.

As such, the overall learning goal is to understand how you can be pro-active in guiding your own scientific career. This short course is particularly targeted to PhD students and for researchers in their early post-doctorate stage. It could also be relevant, however, for senior researchers who are interested in best mentoring and assisting ECRs.

Giovanni Mastrolonardo, post-doc reasearcher at University of Florence
Cathelijne Stoof, assistant professor at Wageningen UR
Peter Vermeulen. PhD education coordinator and PhD advisor