SC1.44/HS12.5SC1.44/ HS12.5

Using R in Hydrology (co-organized) 
Convener: Alexander Hurley  | Co-conveners: Lucy Barker , Louise Slater , Guillaume Thirel , Claudia Vitolo 
R is open-source, versatile and scales for analyses from just a few observations to big data and high-performance computing. Its growing, enthusiastic user-base (including hydrologists) is responsible for a continuous stream of ever more efficient and useful packages and workflows.

In this short course we wish to introduce and showcase to our peers a selection of recent developments, approaches and best practices that can be applied to data analyses in hydrology. The majority of these are readily transferred to other disciplines, hence interested participants in all fields of geoscience are welcome to join!

The course is delivered by guest lecturers with experience in flood risk modelling, streamflow and drought analyses, as well as ecohydrology. It is tailored for absolute newcomers, as well as advanced useRs, and provides a platform for open discussion. In its third installment, the course also continues to build up R resources for hydrologists that remain accessible in the future:

This session is organised in cooperation with the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS;