SSS2.10 | PICO
Advancements in approaches and modelling hydrological and soil degradation processes - PICO session
Co-organized as HS9.2.9
Convener: Encarnación Taguas | Co-conveners: Ronald Bingner, Gerald A Corzo P, George Karatzas, Henrique Momm
| Tue, 09 Apr, 10:45–12:30
PICO spot 3

The quantification and understanding of hydrological, erosive, and biogeochemical processes in catchments are essential to the sustainable management of water and soil resources. Assessment of the environmental impact of economic activities in catchments should be based on the acquisition of experimental data to implement and/or to evaluate conservation practices at different scales. Simulation models are important tools to address environmental problems in a cost-effective way. This technology has to be be coalesced with coherent scientific assumptions and experimental data to minimize the degree of uncertainty involved in representing existing conditions and to provide for instrumental information about alternative sustainable scenarios.

In this session, the authors are encouraged to present new environmental challenges related with the use of models or innovative approaches to quantify hydrological and soil erosion approaches. In addition to classical modeling procedures such as evaluation and recognition of model structures, sensitivity analysis, calibration, validation and degree of uncertainty quantification; the authors are encouraged to present new conceptualizations and experiments to address current environmental problems facing society as well as all kinds of tools and techniques aimed at the conservation of water, soil and nutrients.