Turbulence in Space Plasmas
Convener: Luca Sorriso-Valvo | Co-conveners: Olga Alexandrova, Christopher Chen, Petr Hellinger
| Thu, 11 Apr, 08:30–10:15
Room L1
| Attendance Thu, 11 Apr, 10:45–12:30
Hall X4

The majority of space plasmas are in a turbulent state, displaying fluctuations and nonlinear behaviour at a broad range of scales. A variety of these plasmas are also seen to be heated, with dissipation of turbulence as a possible explanation. Many aspects of the turbulence and heating, and their interaction with other space plasma phenomena (e.g., shocks, reconnection, and instabilities), however, remain to be fully understood. This session will address these questions through discussion of observational, theoretical, numerical, and laboratory work to understand these processes. This session is relevant to many currently operating and future missions (e.g., Wind, Cluster, MMS, STEREO, THEMIS, Van Allen Probes, DSCOVR, Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter).