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Vertical motions away from plate boundaries (co-sponsored by ILP) (co-organized) 
Convener: Hans Thybo  | Co-conveners: Irina Artemieva , Gillian Foulger 
Uplift and subsidence commonly occurs at locations far from plate boundaries. Examples include the passive margins of the North Atlantic, the east coast of South America, southern Africa, and eastern Australia. The geodynamic processes that result in such movements are not understood. They are the subject of vigorous discussion and multiple models to explain them exist. The problems are exacerbated by disagreement even over the basic observations including the times and amplitudes of movements. We invite contributions on observations of past and present vertical motions, geological, tectonic and geophysical observations of influential structures in the lithosphere and sub-lithospheric mantle, and geodynamic modelling of physical processes that may explain regional uplifts and subsidence away from plate boundaries.