Research Project Management - challenges and solutions
Convener: Luisa Cristini | Co-conveners: Daniela Henkel, Sebastian Hettrich, Sylvia Walter
Tue, 09 Apr, 14:00–15:45
Room 0.15

Successful management and coordination of large international or multidisciplinary research projects is a complex and time-consuming task, for which specific knowledge and skills are required. In smaller projects, project management is often one of the tasks of the principal scientist or is delegated to a junior scientist with often-limited management experience. For large projects, a dedicated project manager can help to reduce the work-load of the principal scientists, ensure effective collaboration, day-to-day coordinate operations, and project reporting. Whether project management is in the hands of a scientist or a dedicated project manager, in all cases the job is challenging. But what are those challenges and, more importantly, how to overcome them?
In this highly interactive session, we will exchange experiences and discuss best practices. Together, we will try to find solutions for the most recurrent challenges pointed out by project managers from the international research community by using the ideas, knowledge, and experiences of those attending the session.