Sculpt your Research
Convener: Giorgo Skretis
Thu, 11 Apr, 19:00–20:00
Room -2.32

Art and science are languages that we use to represent and communicate ideas. If thought is driven by events perceived through our senses, then all representations must be related to external sources: the features of a beautiful mineral in front of us, the feeling we get from seeing it, the awareness of the process of observing it. These are levels of experience that we may want to share with others, and to do that we may employ forms, colors, textures, materials, symbols, gestures and sounds: the raw materials of a language.
As a scientist, chances are that you see much more into your research than what you can communicate though the formal means of science communication. You may feel that often there is something missing when you press that "attach file" and "send" button. Taking a step back from the utility focus of science, in this workshop we will look at how we can take an idea from our research and turn it into art by means of playing with it and giving it physical substance. Using materials such as clay, plasticine, plaster, wire and bamboo sticks, will give us the opportunity to see our ideas in a new light, and possibly to communicate aspects that fascinate us the most!