Beyond the metric: a community of scientists communicating their research in unconventional, but media-savvy, units
Conveners: Rolf Hut, Tim van Emmerik, Caitlyn Hall, Sam Illingworth, Anna Solcerova
Fri, 12 Apr, 12:45–13:45
Room 0.16

Did you know that every year meteorites with a mass equal to a million elephants enter the atmosphere (and BURN)! Or that all the output of the combined American breweries is about 2000 times as small as the discharge of the Rhine in low flow?

Swimming pools, elephants, school busses, light “as bright as the sun on a summer day”. They may not be in the official international system of units and they are definitely not metric (one school bus is about three normal cars…) but they are appealing because they elude to the human measure.

When trying to communicate your research it is often good to relate to the human measure. Some experienced science communicators have a natural knack for finding a human-relatable quantity that communicate easily to people outside of their field. Others may want to communicate in human relatable quantities but lack the network of peers to help them get going. All of you are welcome in the "beyond the metric" community!

In this lighthearted community gathering on the last day of the assembly we will help new community members translate their research results in the most outlandish, yet fun, units possible.

Join our community and go beyond the metric system!