Changes in the Hydrological Cycle - a Collaborative Programme of the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA)
Convener: Elisa Palazzi | Co-convener: Ralf Ludwig
Wed, 10 Apr, 19:00–20:00
Room 2.61

"Changes in the Hydrological Cycle" is one of the four science-driven Collaborative Programmes (CPs) of the European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA, Starting from the main topics which this CP has focused on since its beginning - global precipitation changes and runoff, the interaction between climate and hydrological/land surface processes, climate hot-spot regions (in particular the Mediterranean region and global mountains), this meeting is intended to bring together researchers interested in advancing science by exchanging on recent findings and current limits in the above mentioned topics, as well as in other themes/tasks which are relevant to characterize and understand the hydrological cycle including, for example, the integration of societal challenges related to the impact of changes in the water cycle and in extreme events. Contributions and discussions on research priorities, joint actions, and research Calls are welcome.