EGU General Assembly 2020
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Land degradation by soil erosion and sedimentation within Sarata catchment, Republic of Moldova

Silvia Vacula, Lilian Niacsu, Cristian Secu, and Ionut Vasiliniuc
Silvia Vacula et al.
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of IASI, , Faculty of Geography and Geology, Romania (
Land degradation by geomorphological processes (soil erosion, gully erosion, landslides and
sedimentation) represents an important environmental threat all over the Republic of Moldova.
The main causes are related to the favourable natural conditions such as friable lithology,
typically hilly fragmentation or climatic aggressiveness on the background of a sustained human
impact developed in the last two centuries. Despite the widespread soil and water conservation
measures that have been implemented during the soviet period, following the Agricultural Real
Estate Act applied in 1991, a revival of these processes is easier to observe especially by means
of floodplains aggradation. Under these circumstances, our study aims to assess the
sedimentation rates on the floodplains and reservoirs and to establish the source area of the
eroded sediments as well as the responsible process. Based on field campaigns, we took
representative in-situ soil / sediment samples from floodplains and reservoirs all over the Sarata
catchment, including wind-blown samples from the intefluvial ridges. The laboratory analyses
consisted of physical and chemical features such as: weight, apparent density, texture, ph,
electrical conductibility, total organic carbon, inorganic carbon, organic matter, inorganic
nitrogen (N), total phosphorus (P), total potassium (K) and other macro elements (i.e. Na+,
Mg2+, Ca2+, and Cl-). The preliminary results show that the soil erosion remains an important
process not by quantity but by quality. This is related also to the widespread high efficiency of
gully erosion control measures that have been implemented. A secondary role, most often
neglected, is held by wind erosion

How to cite: Vacula, S., Niacsu, L., Secu, C., and Vasiliniuc, I.: Land degradation by soil erosion and sedimentation within Sarata catchment, Republic of Moldova, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-10249,, 2020