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Radial anisotropy in Europe from surface waves ambient noise tomography and transdimensional hierarchical inversion

Chloé Alder1, Eric Debayle1, Thomas Bodin1, Anne Paul2, Laurent Stehly2, Helle Pedersen2, Fabien Dubuffet1, and the the AlpArray working group*
Chloé Alder et al.
  • 1Univ. Lyon, ENS de Lyon, CNRS, LGL-TPE, Lyon, France (
  • 2Univ. Grenoble, CNRS, ISTerre
  • *A full list of authors appears at the end of the abstract

We present a 3D probabilistic model of shear wave velocity and radial anisotropy of the European crust and uppermost mantle mainly focusing on the Alps and the Apennines.

The model is built using continuous seismic noise recorded between 2010 and 2018 at 1521 broadband stations, including the AlpArray network (Hetényi et al., 2018).

We use a large dataset of more than 730 000 couples of stations representing as many virtual source-receiver pairs. For each path, we calculate the cross-correlation of continuous vertical- and transverse-components of the noise records in order to get the Green’s function. From the Green’s function, we then obtain the group velocity dispersion curves of Love and Rayleigh waves in the period range 5 to 149 s.

Our 3D model is built in two steps. First, the dispersion data are used in a linearized least square inversion providing 2D maps of group velocity in Europe at each period. These maps are obtained using the same coverage for Love and Rayleigh waves. Dispersion curves for both Love and Rayleigh waves are then extracted from the maps, at each geographical point. In a second step, these curves are jointly inverted to depth for shear velocity and radial anisotropy. The inversion in done within a Bayesian Monte-Carlo framework integrating some a priori information coming either from PREM (Dziewonski and Anderson 1961) or the recent 3D shear wave model of Lu et al. 2018 performed for the same region.

Therefore, this joint inversion of Rayleigh and Love data allows us to derive a new 3D model of shear velocity and radial anisotropy of the European crust and uppermost mantle. The isotropic part of our model is consistent with the shear velocity model of Lu et al. 2018. The 3D radial anisotropy model of the region adds new constraints on the deformation of the lithosphere in Europe. Here we present and discuss this new radial anisotropy model, with particular emphasis on the Apennines.

the AlpArray working group:

György HETÉNYI, Rafael ABREU, Ivo ALLEGRETTI, Maria-Theresia APOLONER, Coralie AUBERT, Simon BESANÇON, Maxime BÈS DE BERC, Götz BOKELMANN, Didier BRUNEL, Marco CAPELLO, Martina ČARMAN, Adriano CAVALIERE, Jérôme CHÈZE, Claudio CHIARABBA, John CLINTON, Glenn COUGOULAT, Wayne C. CRAWFORD, Luigia CRISTIANO, Tibor CZIFRA, Ezio D'ALEMA, Stefania DANESI, Romuald DANIEL, Anke DANNOWSKI, Iva DASOVIĆ, Anne DESCHAMPS, Jean-Xavier DESSA, Cécile DOUBRE, Sven EGDORF, ETHZ-SED Electronics Lab, Tomislav FIKET, Kasper FISCHER, Wolfgang FRIEDERICH, Florian FUCHS, Sigward FUNKE, Domenico GIARDINI, Aladino GOVONI, Zoltán GRÁCZER, Gidera GRÖSCHL, Stefan HEIMERS, Ben HEIT, Davorka HERAK, Marijan HERAK, Johann HUBER, Dejan JARIĆ, Petr JEDLIČKA, Yan JIA, Hélène JUND, Edi KISSLING, Stefan KLINGEN, Bernhard KLOTZ, Petr KOLÍNSKÝ, Heidrun KOPP, Michael KORN, Josef KOTEK, Lothar KÜHNE, Krešo KUK, Dietrich LANGE, Jürgen LOOS, Sara LOVATI, Deny MALENGROS, Lucia MARGHERITI, Christophe MARON, Xavier MARTIN, Marco MASSA, Francesco MAZZARINI, Thomas MEIER, Laurent MÉTRAL, Irene MOLINARI, Milena MORETTI, Anna NARDI, Jurij PAHOR, Anne PAUL, Catherine PÉQUEGNAT, Daniel PETERSEN, Damiano PESARESI, Davide PICCININI, Claudia PIROMALLO, Thomas PLENEFISCH, Jaroslava PLOMEROVÁ, Silvia PONDRELLI, Snježan PREVOLNIK, Roman RACINE, Marc RÉGNIER, Miriam REISS, Joachim RITTER, Georg RÜMPKER, Simone SALIMBENI, Marco SANTULIN, Werner SCHERER, Sven SCHIPPKUS, Detlef SCHULTE-KORTNACK, Vesna ŠIPKA, Stefano SOLARINO, Daniele SPALLAROSSA, Kathrin SPIEKER, Josip STIPČEVIĆ, Angelo STROLLO, Bálint SÜLE, Gyöngyvér SZANYI, Eszter SZŰCS, Christine THOMAS, Martin THORWART, Frederik TILMANN, Stefan UEDING, Massimiliano VALLOCCHIA, Luděk VECSEY, René VOIGT, Joachim WASSERMANN, Zoltán WÉBER, Christian WEIDLE, Viktor WESZTERGOM, Gauthier WEYLAND, Stefan WIEMER, Felix WOLF, David WOLYNIEC, Thomas ZIEKE, Mladen ŽIVČIĆ and Helena ŽLEBČÍKOVÁ

How to cite: Alder, C., Debayle, E., Bodin, T., Paul, A., Stehly, L., Pedersen, H., and Dubuffet, F. and the the AlpArray working group: Radial anisotropy in Europe from surface waves ambient noise tomography and transdimensional hierarchical inversion, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-20109,, 2020

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