EGU General Assembly 2020
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The Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

Inga Beck and Markus Neumann
Inga Beck and Markus Neumann
  • Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus, Germany (

The Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus (UFS) is Germany’s highest research station, located at an altitude of 2650 m. For over 20 years, many different institutions have been working here on a variety of permanent studies on an inter- and trans-disciplinary basis. Eight key scientific activities were assigned in 2007. These are:

  • Satellite-based observations and early detection
  • Regional climate and atmosphere
  • Cosmic radiation and radioactivity
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental and high-altitude medicine
  • Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW)
  • Biosphere and Geosphere
  • Cloud dynamics

Beyond these permanent research activities, around 80 temporary projects have been conducted with over 13 international partners. Over 30 projects are currently running at the UFS. The ‘size’ of the projects varies from small research groups and very short-term studies, to large research consortiums and long-term projects. The UFS is, furthermore, a partner in a number of international networks of (mountain) observatories, such as the Global Atmosphere Watch program of the WMO. International exchange is therefore guaranteed.

The operating company of the UFS makes the high quality of research possible. It takes care of the needs of the researchers, such as logistics, data transfer and exchange, and outreach. The UFS also serves as a meeting and educational center for research teams, operators of other stations and early- career scientists. The UFS is easily accessible all year round: a train line runs up the mountain, directly into the UFS building and allows the transportation of heavy material and devices. A well-equipped workshop allows the in-situ repair of instruments.

Beside some general information about the UFS, the presentation will highlight some recent projects in which the UFS has been involved. It will also show how to use the UFS for your own research ideas.

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