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EGU General Assembly 2020
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Urov endemic disease: peculiarities of biogeochemical food chains

Vadim Ermakov, Uliana Gulyaeva, Valentina Danilova, Vladimir Safonov, Sergey Tyutikov, and Alexander Degtyarev
Vadim Ermakov et al.
  • V.I. Vernadsky Institute Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Biogeochemistry qnd Geoecology, Moscow, Russian Federation (

The comparative assessment of the levels of content and migration parameters of biologically active chemical elements in the biogeochemical food chains of the main localities of the Urov  endemic disease in the Eastern Transbaikalia: rocks-soils-plants-animal hair, milk was conducted. The differentiated polyelement microelementosis with an excess of Sr [1], Mn, Cr, Ni, in some cases – P, Ba, As, Zn  and deficiency of Se, J, Cu, and Mo is typical in Urov biogeochemical provinces of Eastern Transbaikalia against the background territories. Soil landscapes are not much different in content of selenium, but its migration in plants was reduced in places of spread of Urov disease. Parameters of migration of chemical elements in the soil-plant complex reflected on their content in wheat, hair cover of animals and milk cows. The sources of this imbalance are soil-forming rocks, specific conditions of soil formation (accumulation of organic matter in freezing soils of narrow valleys with a high degree of moisture and low flow, and selective concentration by plants). For floodplain soils with a high level of organic matter is characterized by a high content of micromycetes of the genus Fusarium as their species composition and abundance. The data obtained are consistent with the results of research by Chinese scientists on the assessment of the chemical elemental composition of hair in healthy children and with Urov Kashin-Beck pathology [2] and considered as risk factors in the genesis of this endemic disease.

This study was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, project No. 19-05-00054


How to cite: Ermakov, V., Gulyaeva, U., Danilova, V., Safonov, V., Tyutikov, S., and Degtyarev, A.: Urov endemic disease: peculiarities of biogeochemical food chains, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-2206,, 2020.


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