EGU General Assembly 2020
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Taking advantage of Multisensor Synergy: New discovery and analysis tools

Lucile Gaultier, Fabrice Collard, Ziad El Khoury Hanna, Gilles Guitton, Sylvain Herlédan, and Guillaume Le Séach
Lucile Gaultier et al.
  • OceanDataLab, France

Numerous new satellites and sensors have arised during the past decade. This satellite constellation has never been so dense and diverse. It provides a wide range of view angles to the ocean surface from the coast to the open ocean, at various scales and from physical to biological processes. Sentinel 1-2-3 program covers various sensors such as SAR, Optical, radiometer or altimeter with a repeat subcycle of only a few days, yet the repeat frequency for each sensor alone is not enough to monitor meso to submeso scales.

In the other hand, in-situ data are sparse in space but offers a high sample frequency and therefore complementary to remote sensing
observations. Handling consistently these huge heterogeneous datasets in a simple, fast and convenient way is now possible using the free and open Ocean Virtual Laboratory online portal or its standalone version. These tools are starting to be widely used by the scientific community to better discover, understand and monitor oceanic processes. We will demonstrate the potential and functionalities of these tools using various test cases:

Collocating Sentinel 1-2-3 for wave current interaction analysis
Creating synoptic charts of fronts and eddies, highlighting strong and energetic ocean currents
Campaign at sea planning and real time analysis of in-situ / remote sensing data. 
Validation and comparison of currents (derived from satellite and models) with a Lagrangian approach using SEAScope stand alone interactive tool. 

Online tool is available at and standalone version at A splinter-meeting will
be organised at the conference to provide hands-on demonstration. 

How to cite: Gaultier, L., Collard, F., El Khoury Hanna, Z., Guitton, G., Herlédan, S., and Le Séach, G.: Taking advantage of Multisensor Synergy: New discovery and analysis tools, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-22600,, 2020


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