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Amalgam and Dissolved Mercury Removal A system not just a Separator

William Purves
William Purves
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Title: Amalgam and Dissolved Mercury Removal  A system not just a Separator




Packs Solutions LLC has developed an amalgam and dissolved mercury system that significantly reduces the mercury discharge from the dental practice. The US American Dental Association estimates that 50% of the mercury entering the waste treatment facility is from dental practices.  The system consists of an innovative chairside trap, use of pH neutral vacuum line cleaners and disinfectants, and advanced technology separator that removes the dissolved mercury from the office discharge.  The system is currently in use in the United States and is rapidly gaining popularity with wastewater treatment authorities.


The presentation provides data taken from dental offices and the affect of pH on the dissolving of amalgam in water. The average dental office generates over 14,000 ng/L of dissolved mercury that can not be removed by traditional waste treatment processes.  The system has proven to reduce the discharge to <1,000 ng/L on average.  The system requires no changes in office routine or equipment. The separator is maintenance free and the chairside trap is custom made to fit in any brand of trap.  The average annual cost in the United States is as low as $420 for one chair practice to $1300 for a 6 chair practice.




Bill Purves


Packs Solutions LLC

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