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EGU General Assembly 2020
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Large Eddy Simulation Coupling Model For Small-scale Air-sea Interaction

Danyi Sun and Shuang Li
Danyi Sun and Shuang Li
  • Zhejiang University, Institute of physical oceanography and remote sensing, Ocean college, China (

Atmosphere and ocean are two important factors that affect the earth's climate system, and their interaction is an important topic in the study. In view of the lack of turbulence scale analysis in the traditional large-scale air-sea coupling model, this paper uses the Parallelized Large-Eddy Simulation Model (PALM) to explore the effect of Langmuir circulation on air-sea flux and turbulent kinetic energy budget at a small scale, and conducts air-sea coupled simulation for atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) and ocean mixed layer (OML). The results show that the distribution of air-sea flux near the surface is greatly influenced by the Langmuir circulation, thus strengthening the ocean mixing. The pressure term in the turbulent kinetic energy budget of the ocean is greatly affected by the Langmuir circulation near the sea surface and weakens rapidly as the depth deepens. This study shows the application of the small-scale air-sea coupling model in the study of air-sea flux, which has certain significance for the study of small-scale air-sea interaction.

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