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Conserving geo-heritage ---Practical and application at Taiwan geoparks

Jiun-Chuan Lin
Jiun-Chuan Lin
  • National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan (

Conserving geo-heritage ---Practical and application at Taiwan geoparks


Lin, Jiun-Chuan, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University

Su, Shew-Jiunn, Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University

Wang, Wen-Cheng, Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University

Liu, Ying-San, Department Natural Resource and Environment, Tongh-Hua University

Jon-Yuan Wang, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture



Geo-heritage is the combination of geology and physical processes as well as the cultural characters. The awareness of the value of geo-heritage is getting more and more important in Taiwan after designation of geoparks.

The methodology to conserve the geo-heritage is rather unclear before 1985 in Taiwan. However, through designation of geoparks, the conserving geo-heritage in terms of landscape conservation, it became clearer for local people to practice.

This study demonstrates some typical ways of conserving landscapes in Taiwan geoparks. First of all, through environmental education; second, through legislation; third, through local participation on geopark affairs; Fourth, through guided tour by local interpreters.

By Environmental Education Law, everyone including all departments of different level of government works and schools have to take 4 hours’ environmental education course every year. It helps to enhance the awareness of environment conservation including conservation of geo-heritage. By Cultural Heritage Preservation Law, the designation of geoparks and natural monuments are the tools to conserve the landscapes. Local participation as a local guard on geoparks are also the ways to prevent further damages. Through interpretation on the aesthetic/ scientific value by local licensed guides for visitors,

This study demonstrates the such progresses at Taiwan Geoparks.


Key words: geo-heritage, geo-conservation, environmental education, Taiwan geoparks


How to cite: Lin, J.-C.: Conserving geo-heritage ---Practical and application at Taiwan geoparks , EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-6288,, 2020.


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