EGU General Assembly 2020
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Analysis and Construction of Geodetic Data Classification Standard

Yongshang Wang
Yongshang Wang
  • National Geomatics Center of China, Gedodesy, China (

The new geodetic technology system characterized by high precision, real-time and popularization has gradually formed in the wave of new technological revolution. Taking advantage of modern information technology,the new geodetic technology system has new features for technology sharing and data sharing, in which geodetic data and positioning applications and geodetic applications can meet the requirements of real-time, public-sharedand interactivity. Geodetic Data Standards are the cornerstone in process of geodetic informationization, which describes scientifically the geodetic data processing, management and service, as well as the theory, methods and procedures used for implementation. Along with the development of geodetic informationization, the width and depth of data standardization application will far exceed the level of traditional standardization. With the advancement of measurement technology, there are less technical constraints in the relatively simple instruments operation process while more complicated data structure to be analyzed, and the more urgent socialization services requirements to be met. The focus of geodetic standardization will shift from operational standards to data standards. In this paper, the content, characteristics, classification principles and methods of geodetic data are studied for the new characteristics of modern geodetic informationization.

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