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The practice of reclaimed land be converted to arable land in China

Xiangbing Kong and Liangyou Wen
Xiangbing Kong and Liangyou Wen
  • China Agricultural University, China (


Land reclaim can be converted to arable land in China. Land reclamation is the process of reclamation and restoration to arable land on the basis of the original abandoned independent land. It mainly includes: land for coal mines, quarries, brick kilns, warehouses, other enterprises and institutions, and abandoned rural construction land. As of 2015, China's construction activities and natural disasters have damaged about 10 million hm2 of land, with an annual increase of about 270,000 hm2. China's land reclamation rate is about 45%, of which about 50% of the land reclaimed is arable land. China has a large number of land reclamation practices and has very rich experience. First, we carried out land adaptability evaluation in the reclamation area .we selected the currently land for coal mines, quarries, brick kilns, warehouses, and other enterprises and institutions from natural, economic, and social aspects to evaluate its suitability, comprehensively calculated the consolidation potential, and calculated the area that could be reclaimed as arable land. Second, we carried out arable land construction in the reclamation area. Through land consolidation methods such as land leveling, farmland irrigation and drainage construction, shelterbelt network layout, and farmland road construction, rural residential areas that can be reclaimed as arable land, which will be sorted higher productivity arable land with a centralized patch, good irrigation and drainage , and complete farmland roads. Third, according to the soil conditions of the reclamation area, we carry out soil fertilization. We plowed the soil, applyed organic manure and soil biochar, improved soil water retention and porosity, enhanced soil fertility, improved arable land quality, and increased land production potential. Finally, after the land is reclaimed as arable land, we will monitor the soil conditions and ecological environment of the newly reclaimed arable land on a regular basis through the establishment of a regulatory agency. As same time, while we tried to meeting the fertility of the newly reclaimed arable land, we moinitor the ecological environment of the newly reclaimed land, ensuring sustainable use of arable land. Through the land reclamation, the per capita arable land area in the country have be increased by 0.08 mu. the annual grain yield per mu is calculated at 400kg, which increased 40 billion kg of grain each year. what’s more, farmers have increased the area of ​​arable land, increased their family income, and let themselves live better. By land be reclaimed to arable land, Chinese government has effectively protected 1.2 billion hm2 of Red line of arable land and ensured national food security. At same time, farmers' income was increased by increasing of crop area, and intensive land conservation has been achieved, which has solved our country to a certain extent.

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