EGU General Assembly 2020
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Large-Eddy Simulation of Extreme Updrafts in the Tropical Cyclone Inner Core

Liguang Wu
Liguang Wu
  • Fudan University, Shanghai, China (

Extreme updrafts (stronger than 10 m s-1) have been observed in the tropical cyclone core region, which have profound implications to tropical cyclone intensification and structure change. Since extreme updrafts in the tropical cyclone are difficult to observe, their features and the associated mechanisms for formation and influences on tropical cyclones remain poorly understood. This study presents an analysis of extreme updrafts in a strong tropical cyclone that was simulated with the large-eddy simulation technique and the finest grid spacing of 37 meters. The simulated tropical cyclone experiences the vertical wind shear of about 5 m s-1 in a typical large-scale evironment in the western North Pacific. The simulated extreme updrafts in the inner core region exhibit the high frequency at the altitudes of ~ 750 m, 6.5 km and 13 km. The extreme updrafts in the inflow and outflow layers are closely associated with the Richardson Number of less than 0.25, indicating their relationship with severe turbulence caused by strong vertical wind shears. The extreme updrafts in the middle layer are associated with the strong convective activity. The details of the structures of the extreme updrafts are discussed.

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