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GDB – Great Debates

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Academic meritocracy: is it a challenge to women’s careers? Convener: Alberto Montanari
Co-convener: Alberto Montanari
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Managing our mineral resources for a sustainable future: The role of earth scientists Convener: Aoife Braiden
Co-convener: Nick Arndt
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Cutting carbon in the geosciences: conference participation versus online streaming and fieldwork versus remote observations Convener: Jenny Turton
Co-conveners: Raffaele Albano, Anouk Beniest, Annegret Larsen
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Are forests a solution to climate change? Convener: Oksana Tarasova
Co-convener: Claudia Volosciuk
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Values versus facts: should geoscience get personal? Convener: Hazel Gibson
Co-conveners: Noel Baker, Cathelijne Stoof
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Slow science versus fast science Convener: Annegret Larsen
Co-convener: Michael Dietze
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