Evolution of glacial-periglacial-paraglacial landscapes and debris-covered glaciers
Co-organized by GM7
Convener: Johannes BuckelECSECS | Co-conveners: Adina E. Racoviteanu, Evan MilesECSECS, Lindsey Nicholson, Tobias Bolch, Anne Voigtländer, Jasper Knight, Darren Jones
| Attendance Wed, 06 May, 08:30–12:30 (CEST)

Glacial landscapes are constantly transforming in response to past and present climate and environmental conditions, e.g. available debris. Especially due to past and present global warming, rapid changes in these landscapes are observed. These changes are associated with transitions from different processual states : glacial – periglacial – paraglacial, and associated morphologies and landforms, including debris- covered glaciers and rock glaciers which are less understood. To unravel and quantify these past and present evolutions, controls and feedbacks, a broad spectrum of methods are available, including geomorphological mapping, dating, remote sensing, geophysics, numerical modelling, climate reconstruction, field observations and more. This session welcomes contributions related to all these methods, concepts and approaches used to investigate glacial-periglacial-paraglacial landscape evolution, controls and feedbacks. We seek abstracts on topics such as:
• conceptual frameworks of the evolution of glaciated landscapes;
• processual studies of glacial, paraglacial and periglacial landscapes across all temporal and spatial scales;
• transitions of glacial to periglacial or paraglacial landforms, and the role of debris cover within these glacier land systems
• geomorphometry of past and presently glaciated landscapes, debris-covered glaciers and rock glaciers.
• Interaction between debris-covered glaciers and the wider land system, for example, in terms of geohazards, erosion, sediment transport, and deposition.

Public information:
CR 4.1 Evolution of glacial-periglacial-paraglacial landscapes and debris-covered glaciers
Co-organized by GM7
Convener: Johannes BuckelECS | Co-conveners: Adina Racoviteanu, Evan MilesECS, Lindsey Nicholson, Tobias Bolch, Anne VoigtländerECS, Jasper Knight, Darren Jones

General structure:
- Please note that the order and number of presentations has been changed as some authors could not attend under the circumstances. At first all authors will present the abstracts with displays, afterwards the abstract without displays will be discussed. Please check the adjusted display schedule in the session description or in the uploaded session material.
- We will try to stick to the schedule and make sure the session doesn’t end in some chaos!
- Convener will introduce the presenter by display #. Presenter who should then briefly introduce their display in a couple of sentences or bullet points. Thereafter, the stage is open for discussion. When the time is up we will move to the next presenter. Please consider using the comment function at the display pages for further discussion until the end of May.

First part of our session (Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 08:30–10:15 CEST)
Chairpersons: Johannes Buckel, Anne Voigtländer

We have 10 displays and 8 abstracts to discuss, respectively. The display will be presented first because a fixed attendance is confirmed by the authors.
We have 6 min per display including chat discussion


08:30 – 08:34
Sign in and introduction to the session

08:35 – 08:41 solicited display
D2497 | EGU2020-19935
Geomorphic feedbacks on the moraine record
Leif Anderson and Dirk Scherler

08:41 – 08:47
D2498 | EGU2020-18360
Post-glacial dynamics of alpine Little Ice Age glacitectonized frozen landforms (Swiss Alps)
Julie Wee, Reynald Delaloye, and Chloé Barboux

08:47 – 08:53
D2499 | EGU2020-9509
Paraglacial adjustment of sediment-mantled slopes through landslide processes in the vicinity of the Austre Lovénbreen glacier (Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard)
Erik Kuschel, Christian Zangerl, Alexander Prokop, Eric Bernard, Florian Tolle, and Jean-Michel Friedt

08:53 – 08:59
D2502 | EGU2020-9201
Use of Convolution Neural Networks and Object Based Image Analysis for Automated Rock Glacier Mapping
Benjamin Aubrey Robson, Tobias Bolch, Shelley MacDonell, Daniel Hölbling, Philip Rastner, and Nicole Schaffer

08:59 – 09:05
D2507 | EGU2020-976
Structure and englacial debris content of a Himalayan debris-covered glacier revealed by an optical televiewer
Katie Miles, Bryn Hubbard, Duncan Quincey, Evan Miles, and Ann Rowan

09:05 – 09:11
D2509 | EGU2020-5057
Satellite remote sensing of ice cliff migration
Bas Altena and Andreas Kääb

09:11 – 09:17
D2511 | EGU2020-17912
Geomorphological mapping of an alpine rock glacier with multi-temporal UAV-based high density point cloud comparison
Francesca Bearzot, Roberto Garzonio, Biagio Di Mauro, Umberto Morra Di Cella, Edoardo Cremonese, Paolo Pogliotti, Paolo Frattini, Giovanni B. Crosta, Roberto Colombo, and Micol Rossini

09:17 – 09:23
D2512 | EGU2020-10373
60 years of rock glacier displacements and fluxes changes over Laurichard Rock glacier, French Alps.
Diego Cusicanqui, Antoine Rabatel, and Xavier Bodin

09:23 – 09:29
D2513 | EGU2020-1605
Creating a rock glacier inventory of the northern Nyainqêntanglha range (Tibetan Plateau) based on InSAR time-series analysis
Eike Reinosch, Johannes Buckel, Markus Gerke, Jussi Baade, and Björn Riedel

09:29 – 09:35
D2514 | EGU2020-8159
Pushing the limits of electrical resistivity tomography measurements on a rock glacier at 5500 m a.s.l. on the Tibetan Plateau: Successes and Challenges
Nora Krebs, Anne Voigtländer, Matthias Bücker, Andreas Hördt, Ruben Schroeckh, and Johannes Buckel

09:35 – 09:40
D2515 | EGU2020-7266
What makes a rock glacier? Insights into the structure and dynamics of an active rock glacier on the Tibetan Plateau
Johannes Buckel, Eike Reinosch, Nora Krebs, Anne Voigtländer, Michael Dietze, Ruben Schroeckh, Matthias Bücker, and Andreas Hördt


09:40 – 09:45
D2501 | EGU2020-1065
Reconstruction of Early Holocene jokulhlaups along the Hvita River and Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland
Greta Wells, Þorsteinn Sæmundsson, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, Timothy Beach, and Andrew Dugmore

09:45 – 09:50
D2503 | EGU2020-12571
A landsystems approach to understanding the evolution of ice-cored topography and distribution of retrogressive thaw slumps, western Canadian Arctic
Peter Morse, Stephen Wolfe, and Steve Kokelj

09:50 – 09:55
D2504 | EGU2020-17710
Quantifying contemporary debris supply in a debris-covered glacier catchment using high-resolution repeat terrestrial LiDAR
Rebecca Stewart, Matthew Westoby, Stuart Dunning, Francesca Pellicciotti, and John Woodward

09:50 – 09:55
D2505 | EGU2020-382
Debris cover growth, ensuing changes in morphology and impact on glacier processes at Pensilungpa Glacier, western Himalaya, India
Purushottam Kumar Garg, Aparna Shukla, Vinit Kumar, and Manish Mehta

09:55 – 10:00
D2506 | EGU2020-10593
A comparison of the drainage systems of two High Asian debris-covered glaciers
Catriona Fyffe, Evan Miles, Marin Kneib, Reeju Shrestha, Rebecca Stewart, Stefan Fugger, Matthew Westoby, Thomas Shaw, Wei Yang, and Francesca Pellicciotti

10:00 – 10:05
D2508 | EGU2020-20006
Characteristics and interannual changes of ice cliffs on the debris-covered glaciers of HMA
Marin Kneib, Evan Miles, Pascal Buri, and Francesca Pellicciotti

10:05 – 10:10
D2510 | EGU2020-8475
Improving geomorphological process understanding of complex glacier surfaces using aerial robotics
Matt Westoby, David Rounce, Thomas Shaw, Catriona Fyffe, Peter Moore, Rebecca Stewart, and Ben Brock

10:10 – 10:15 Summary and open discussion

Second part (Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 10:45 – 12:30 CEST)
Chairperson: Adina E. Racoviteanu

We will discuss 9 displays and 8 abstracts.


10:45 – 10:49
Sign in and introduction

10:49 – 10:55
D2516 | EGU2020-19637
Occurrence and characteristics of ice-debris landforms in Poiqu basin (central Himalaya)
Tobias Bolch, Philipp Rastner, Jan Bouke Pronk, Atanu Bhattacharya, Lin Liu, Yan Hu, Guoqing Zhang, and Tandong Yao

10:55 – 11:01
D2519 | EGU2020-5050
Pore water pressure dynamics in a rock slope adjacent to a retreating valley glacier
Marc Hugentobler, Simon Loew, and Clément Roques

11:01 – 11:07
D2521 | EGU2020-21253
Bedload dynamics in the rapidly changing paraglacial zone of a high alpine catchment
Clemens Hiller, Kay Helfricht, Gabriele Schwaizer, Severin Hohensinner, Kerstin Wegner, Florian Haas, and Stefan Achleitner

11:07 – 11:12
D2523 | EGU2020-19854
Ice thickness measurements of the debris covered Ngozumpa glacier, Nepal
Lindsey Nicholson, Fabien Maussion, Christoph Mayer, Hamish Pritchard, Astrid Lambrecht, Anna Wirbel, and Christoph Klug

11:12 – 11:18
D2525 | EGU2020-5954
The geomorphology of debris-covered Ponkar Glacier, Nepal
Neil Glasser, Adina Racoviteanu, Stephan Harrison, Matthew Peacey, Rakesh Kayastha, and Rijan Bhakta Kayastha

11:18 – 11:24
D2526 | EGU2020-22638
The debris cover surface of Ponkar glacier: a laboratory for learning
Adina E. Racoviteanu, Neil F. Glasser, Smriti Basnett, Rakesh Kayastha, and Stephan Harrison

11:24 – 11:30
D2528 | EGU2020-20062
Glaciological controls on the spatial variability of supraglacial debris extent and thickness in the eastern Himalayas
Karla Boxall and Ian Willis

11:30 – 11:36
D2532 | EGU2020-11290
Estimating the style and duration of former glaciation in the mountains of Britain and Ireland
Iestyn Barr, Jeremy Ely, Matteo Spagnolo, Ian Evans, and Matt Tomkins

11:36 – 11:42
D2534 | EGU2020-11220
Inland dune field and deposits at Dviete: evidences of the late Pleistocene aeolian morphogenesis and landscape evolution during transition from glacial to post-glacial conditions in South-eastern Latvia
Juris Soms and Zane Egle


11:42 – 11:47
D2517 | EGU2020-8967
Post-Little Ice Age retreat of glaciers triggered rapid paraglacial landscape transformation in Sørkapp Land (Spitsbergen)
Justyna Dudek and Mateusz Czesław Strzelecki

11:47 – 11:52
D2518 | EGU2020-17195
Paraglacial Cirque Headwall Instability - Regional Scale Assessment Of Preconditioning Factors
Andreas Ewald and Jan-Christoph Otto

11:52 – 11:57
D2522 | EGU2020-685
Linking glacial lake expansion with glacier dynamics: An assessment of the South Lhonak lake, Sikkim Himalaya
Saurabh Kaushik, Pawan Kumar Joshi, Tejpal Singh, and Anshuman Bhardwaj

11:57 – 12:02
D2527 | EGU2020-16328
The challenge of non-stationary feedbacks within the response of debris-covered glaciers to climate forcing
Anna Wirbel, Lindsey Nicholson, Christoph Mayer, and Astrid Lambrecht

12:02 – 12:07
D2529 | EGU2020-6650
Spatial distribution of debris cover and its impacts in the Hunza River Basin
Yong Zhang, Shiyin Liu, and Xin Wang

12:07 – 12:12
D2530 | EGU2020-11588
Carbon gas cycling in supraglacial debris covers
Ben Brock, Grace Brown, Paul Mann, and Stuart Dunning

12:12 – 12:17
D2531 | EGU2020-10825
A catastrophic Late Pleistocene debris flow sourced in the glaciated High Atlas of Morocco
Madeleine Hann, Jamie Woodward, Philip Hughes, and Edward Rhodes

12:17 – 12:22
D2533 | EGU2020-13381
Coastal morphodynamics in an Arctic fluvial-tidal transition zone in the deglaciated Dicksonfjord, Svalbard
Dohyeong Kim, Joohee Jo, and Kyungsik Choi

12:22 – 12:30
Open discussion / session summary