EGU General Assembly 2021
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Seasonal variability of tides in the Russian Arctic seas

Mikhail Kulikov and Igor Medvedev
Mikhail Kulikov and Igor Medvedev
  • Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation (

In this research, the sea level variability in the Russian Arctic seas caused by the Moon and the Sun tidal forces is considered. For a long time, it was thought that the tides can be easily calculated based on a small series of observations made in summer, but as shown in a few recent publications, describing tides in the different parts of the Arctic Ocean, tidal characteristics change significantly during the year. The main attention is paid to their seasonal variability in the seas of the Russian Arctic. The most interesting results have been obtained for the east sector of the Russian Arctic seas, where the tides were poorly known, and the long-term data from the tide gauges have been processed for the first time. We have used the long-term hourly sea-level data from several stations in the White, Kara, Laptev and Chukchi seas. The temporary coverage for the White Sea stations includes rather continuous sea-level records from 2004 to 2014 yrs. The maximum length of records made from 1981 to 2005 at the stations of the east sector of the Arctic was found at the Tiksi station. In this work we also analysed unique data obtained from the bottom pressure loggers installed on the Laptev-sea shelf in the period 2018-2020. The results of this study allow us to conclude that the classical harmonic analysis applied to the precomputation of tides does not provide an accurate estimate of the tidal characteristics in individual water areas in the Arctic. Accounting of the seasonal variability in the tidal characteristics will make it possible to clarify tidal maps important for navigation and coastal construction in the Arctic Region.

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