EGU General Assembly 2021
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Ship-based aerosol measurements in the Southern Ocean 

Floortje van den Heuvel, Thomas Lachlan-Cope, Jonathan Witherstone, Dean Hurren, and Anna Jones
Floortje van den Heuvel et al.
  • British Antarctic Survey, Atmosphere, Ice and Climate team, United Kingdom of Great Britain – England, Scotland, Wales

Our limited understanding of clouds is a major source of uncertainty in climate sensitivity and climate model projections. The Southern Ocean is the largest region on Earth where climate models present large biases in short and long wave radiation fluxes which in turn affect the representation of sea surface temperatures, sea ice and ultimately large scale circulation in the Southern Hemisphere. Evidence suggests that the poor representation of mixed phase clouds at the micro- and macro scales is responsible for the model biases in this region. The Southern Ocean Clouds (SOC) project will be a multi-scale, multi-platform approach with the aim of improving understanding of aerosol and cloud microphysics in this region, and their representation in numerical models.

Although this years’ first SOC measurement season has suffered greatly from travel restrictions, we have installed an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) on a ship (The James Clark Ross – JCR) and recorded aerosol measurements as it was travelling through the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean towards the Antarctic Peninsula, and while the ship was moored at South Georgia and Port Stanley. Over the course of one month, the OPC recorded particle sizes between 0.35 and 40 micrometers every six seconds. This study will present the data from this first, rather short Antarctic SOC season. It will present the analyses of the obtained OPC data alongside satellite observations and model reanalyses in the same region.

How to cite: van den Heuvel, F., Lachlan-Cope, T., Witherstone, J., Hurren, D., and Jones, A.: Ship-based aerosol measurements in the Southern Ocean , EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-12327,, 2021.


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