EGU General Assembly 2021
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Analyze the energy balance and energy-saving benefits of  green roofs

Chuan Ching Pang
Chuan Ching Pang
  • National Central University, Graduate Institute of Hydrological and Oceanic Sciences , Water Informatics & Smart Ecosystems, Taiwan (

In the context of rapid global urbanization, problems such as urban thermal effects often occur, which may cause the increase in building energy consumption. Green roofs have the effect to regulating the indoor temperature of buildings. This study is expected to evaluate the cooling and energy-saving benefits of green roofs and build an experimental to simulation buildings situation , the control group without green roof and the experimental group with green roof, compare the indoor temperature and heat flux changes in the control group and the experimental group, and calculate the radiant heat, latent heat, sensible heat, conduction heat in the green roof layer , And build a model to simulation energy project to discuss the energy balance of the green roof and the impact on the energy of the buildings below, and analyze the cooling and energy saving effects of the green roof.

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