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Comparison of soil CO2 emissions from three different tillage methods on chernozem soil

Márton Dencső, Ágota Horel, Zsófia Bakacsi, and Eszter Tóth
Márton Dencső et al.
  • Institute for Soil Sciences, Centre for Agricultural Research, Budapest, Hungary (

Tillage practices influence soil CO2 emissions, hence many research investigate the long-term effects of conservation and conventional tillage methods e.g. ploughing and no-tillage on soil greenhouse gas emission.

The experiment site is an 18-years-old long-term tillage trial established on chernozem soil. During 2020, we took weekly CO2 emission measurements in the mouldboard ploughing (MP), no-tillage (NT), and shallow cultivation (SC) treatments Tillage depth was 26-30 cm, 12-16 cm and 0 cm in the cases of MP, SC and NT respectively. The experiment was under wither oat cultivation.

We investigated the similarity in the CO2 emission trends of SC to MP or NT treatments. Besides CO2 emission measurements, we also monitored environmental parameters such as soil temperature (Ts) and soil water content (SWC) in each treatment.

During the investigated year (2020 January - December) SC had higher annual mean CO2 emission (0.115±0.083 mg m-2 s-1) compared to MP (0.099±0.089 mg m-2 s-1) and lower compared to NT (0.119±0.100 mg m-2 s-1). The difference of the CO2 emissions was significant between SC and MP (p<0.05); however, it was not significant between SC and NT (p>0.05) treatments. The Ts dependency of CO2 emission was moderate in all treatments. CO2 emissions were moderately depended on SWC in MP and SC, and there was no correlation between these parameters in NT.

The annual mean CO2 emission of the SC treatment was more similar to the NT, than to the MP treatment.

How to cite: Dencső, M., Horel, Á., Bakacsi, Z., and Tóth, E.: Comparison of soil CO2 emissions from three different tillage methods on chernozem soil, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-14675,, 2021.

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