EGU General Assembly 2021
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Petrolgy of the volcanic/subvolcanic members of the volcano-sedimentary Maden Complex in Eastern Turkey

Yavuz Özdemir1, Çağrı Mercan2, Vural Oyan1, Ayşe Atakul-Özdemir1, Nilgün Güleç3, and Sevinç Özkan-Altıner3
Yavuz Özdemir et al.
  • 1Van Yüzüncü Yıl University
  • 2Mardin Artuklu University
  • 3Middle East Technical University

Maden Complex exposed in Eastern Turkey, is a succession of volcano-sedimentary rocks and tectonically overlain by Bitlis Metamorphics and Cretaceous ophiolitic rocks. The succession includes shallow-water deposits and deep marine pelagic sediments intercalated with pillow lavas ranging from a few centimeters to ten meters in diameter. The planktonic foraminiferal assemblages from micritic limestones and zircon U-Pb ages from selected sedimentary rocks indicate the age of Late Ypresian - Early Lutetian. Plagioclase and  clinopyroxenes are the main mineral phases, olivine rarely found as altered phenocrysts. Clinopyroxenes are augite and diopside, and their compositions are ranging between Wo44-51, En27-43, Fe10-21. The anorthite contents of plagioclases are between 32- 67 % in unaltered grains. The crystallization temperatures and pressures obtained from clinopyroxene chemistry are ranging from 1126 to 1250oC and 3 to 8 Kbar, respectively. The majority of the volcanic/subvolcanic rocks are subalkaline-tholeiitic basalts however; a few andesitic and rhyolitic derivatives are also present. The whole – rock and  Sr-Nd-Pb isotope compositions reveal that the  basaltic rocks are originated from E-MORB like asthenospheric mantle source without a subduction component.

How to cite: Özdemir, Y., Mercan, Ç., Oyan, V., Atakul-Özdemir, A., Güleç, N., and Özkan-Altıner, S.: Petrolgy of the volcanic/subvolcanic members of the volcano-sedimentary Maden Complex in Eastern Turkey, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-15060,, 2021.

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