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Life & Research at Moonbase: ILEWG EuroMoonMars campaigns results 2018-2020

Bernard Foing1,2,3, Henk Rogers2, Michaela Musilova2, Sabrina Kerber2,3,5, Charlotte Pouwels2,3, Marc Heemskerk2,3,5, Nityaporn Sirikan2,3, Agata Kolodziejczyk3,5,4, Iona-Roxana Perrier3,5,4, Amanda Spilkin3,5,4, Nancy Vermeulen3,5, Julien Villa-Massone3,5, Irene Schlacht2,3,5, Michael Waltemathe3,5,6, Elke Hemminger3,5,6, Adrien Tavernier3, the EMMIHS EuroMoonMars-Intl MoonBase Alliance, HISEAs Team2, the EMMPOL EuroMoonMars Poland Team4, and the ILEWG EuroMoonMars Team*
Bernard Foing et al.
  • 1ILEWG EuroMoonMars & Leiden/VUA, ESA ESTEC, EuroMoonMars, Wassenaar, Netherlands (
  • 2EMMIHS EuroMoonMars-Intl MoonBase Alliance
  • 3ILEWG EuroMoonMars
  • 4EMMPOL EuroMoonMars Poland
  • 5EMMATA EuroMoonMars Astronautics Training Academy
  • 6Bochum University
  • *A full list of authors appears at the end of the abstract

We give an update on ILEWG EuroMoonMars Results, with emphasis on activities and field campaigns that took place in 2019-2020 including lunar astronautics events during 2020 pandemics. We present life and research at Moonbase from EuroMoonMars campaigns EMMIHS HISEAs, EMMPOL Poland that simulated science and operations at future Moonbases. EuroMoonMars is an ILEWG programme  following up ICEUM declarations as a collaboration between ILEWG, space agencies, academia, universities and research institutions and industries .

EMMIHS campaigns (EuroMoonMars-IMA International Moonbase Alliance- HiSEAS): EuroMoonMars 2018-20 supported field campaigns at  IMA HI-SEAS base on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii. The International Moonbase Alliance (IMA), an organization dedicated to building sustainable settlements on the Moon, has been organising regular simulated missions to the Moon or Mars at HI-SEAS. In 2019, the EuroMoonMars campaigns were launched at HI-SEAS, bringing together researchers from the European Space Agency, VU Amsterdam, ILEWG and IMA. Six scientists, engineers, explorers, journalists spent two weeks at the HI-SEAS station performing research relevant to both the Moon and Mars there. Research and technological experiments conducted at HI-SEAS will be used to help build a Moonbase .

EuroMoonMars during 2020 Pandemics We had to replan and adapt EuroMoonMars workshops and fields events. A number of hybrid and virtual events could be organized following safety distancing instructions. We conducted 35 weekly plenary EMM teleconferences (Fridays 17h CET) and many EMM splinter groups meetings.

2020/06 EMM Iceland CHILL-ICE Scouting. A small team explored locations and collaborations for installing a deployable research habitat in lavatube for May 2021. 

2020/10 EMMPOL EuroMoonMars Poland. We were able to organise in controlled safety conditions 2 one-week Moonbase isolation simulations, in order to conduct a number of research investigations, human factors studies, with 5 crew supported by a remote support team.

*Acknowledgements: We thank ILEWG EuroMoonMars field campaigns crew 2016-2020 (including the EMMIHS crew and remote support team from EMMIHS 1-4 and  EMMPOL1 &2 .

ILEWG EuroMoonMars Team:

B. Foing1-10, H. Rogers2, M.Musilova2, A. Weert2-4, S. Mulder2-4, S.Kerber2,3, A. Castro2,3, C. Pouwels2,3, P. Das Rajkakati2,3, M. Heemskerk2,3 , R. Heemskerk2,3, N. Sirikan2,3,6 , H. Boross2,3,6, A. Kolodziejczyk3,7, I.R.Perrier3,7,9, R. Landolina3,7,11, A.Spilkin,3,7 & EMMPOL teams1,3,7, J.Preusterink2,3, N. Vermeulen3,10, J. Villa-Massone3,10, I. Schlacht2,3 , E. Glukhova8, A.Sitnikova8, M.Kuiper8, M. Waltemathe3,12, E. Hemminger3,12 1ILEWG, 2EMMIHS EuroMoonMars-Intl MoonBase Alli-ance, HISEAs, 3ILEWG EuroMoonMars, 4VU Amsterdam, 5Leiden Observatory, 6ESA ESTEC, 7EMMPOL, 8Moon Gallery Foundation, 9IPSA, 10EMMATA, 11Politecnico Torino, 12Bochum U.

How to cite: Foing, B., Rogers, H., Musilova, M., Kerber, S., Pouwels, C., Heemskerk, M., Sirikan, N., Kolodziejczyk, A., Perrier, I.-R., Spilkin, A., Vermeulen, N., Villa-Massone, J., Schlacht, I., Waltemathe, M., Hemminger, E., Tavernier, A., EMMIHS EuroMoonMars-Intl MoonBase Alliance, HISEAs Team, T., and EMMPOL EuroMoonMars Poland Team, T. and the ILEWG EuroMoonMars Team: Life & Research at Moonbase: ILEWG EuroMoonMars campaigns results 2018-2020, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-15626,, 2021.