EGU General Assembly 2021
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Teaching the basics of anti-virus safety in the course "Life Safety"

Nikolai Voronov1 and Valentin Sapunov2
Nikolai Voronov and Valentin Sapunov
  • 1Russian State Hydrometeorological University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (
  • 2Saint Petersburg State Agrarian University, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (

The course "Life Safety" was introduced in higher educational institutions of Russia in the 1990s. It combined information from sanitary medicine, criminology and was aimed at developing self-safety in students. The realities of 2020 required the creation of an anti-virus safety section within the course. The teaching of this problem had experienced in some Russian institutions and universities. This topic is taught to students both through personal contact with the lecturer and on-line. The branch of course is based on the following sections of modern science and practice: 1. Virology, 2. Global ecology, 3. Sanitation and preventive medicine. Teaching contributes to the formation of an objective view of the dangers of viruses in young people, without diminishing or exaggerating the real dangers of infectious diseases. Much attention is paid to the following sections of modern science: 1. The theory of the biosphere by Vladimir Vernadsky, 2. The doctrine of genetic instability and "horizontal transmission", providing informational unity of the biosphere, supported by viruses (Nobel Prize for Barbara McClintoch, 1983). Teaching is combined with practical exercises on the use of personal protective equipment against viral infections. The idea is brought to the students that viruses are a necessary component of the biosphere. They cannot be suffocated and it is impossible to be completely isolated from them. Teaching this course will contribute to improving the health indicators of the population. At the sessions of the European Geosciences Union, it is planned to hold a presentation of programs and teaching textbooks for this course.

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