EGU General Assembly 2021
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Prospects of oil-bearing in the Rhine Rift (Germany)

Yuri Galant1, Yuri Pikovskiy2, and Pavel Čížek3
Yuri Galant et al.
  • 1Independent Researcher, Yokneam-moshava, Israel (
  • 2Professor, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia (
  • 3Geologist-advisor, Brno, Czech Republic (

Searching for oil in Germany is an urgent task, since from its own reserves Germany can cover only four percent of the total volume of oil required for the country's economy. In this regard, we have conducted research with the aim of assessing the prospects of the Rhine Rift oil potential. Were analyzed in basalts Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH). The PAH Petroleum Association clearly indicates the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons in rocks and are an indicator of the oil content of deep horizons. The previous report (EGU2020) highlighted the positive factors of oil   potential in the Rhine Rift. There are favorable geological settings of Rhine Rift, such as seismic activity, new tectonic movements, and presence of basalt, decompressed rocks of mantle, rift stretching mode, and favorable geochemical indications, such as existence of typomorphic oil-associated PAH (Phenanthrene, Chrysene, Pyrene, Benz(a)pyren), presence the components resembling on compositions of Moravia oil . For detailing research conducted mathematical correlation between the non-hydrocarbon components PAH (Naftalen + Homologus, Difenil, Benz (ghi) perylene, Fluorene, Perilen, Antracen, Tetraphen) and hydrocarbon components PAH (Phenanthrene, Pyrene, Chrysene, Benz(a)pyren). Mathematical correlation is 0.041, which is a weak positive relationship on the Chaddock scale. The weak positive relationship between the oil components of PAHs and non-oil components probably indicates that the sources of the oil components of PAHs and non-oil components of PAHs are different. And the source of the oil PAHs is probably the oil fields. Thus the geological-geochemical-mathematical factors point to favorable oil-bearing entrails Rhine Rift! For prospecting   cluster of oil   in the first instance recommended at areas: Bad Urah, Kaizertuhl-Shellingen !


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