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Assessment of the Socio-Economic Impact of Flooding in Shkodra Region, Albania.

Alkida Hasaj
Alkida Hasaj
  • University of Shkoder, Tourism, Shkoder, Albania (

In the recent years, flood situations have been experienced in some regions of Albania, but those that constitute a greater risk are those in the sub localities of Shkodra region. Fortunately, natural disaster are events that occur rarely, but the truth is that they have a high impact on the lives of many people, especially those belonging to developing countries such as Albania. They are associated with the loss of many lives, causing major impact on economic performance and social aspects as well as breaking, the chain of macro and microeconomic balances.

The purpose of this study is to identify the socio-economic impact of floods in the Shkodra region. Describing also the different categories of cost imposed by natural hazard as flood and the most effective way of economic recovery in the conditions of a small developing countries such as Albanian economy. This valuation will be carried out using secondary data such as; the macro and micro economic impact of these natural disasters, climate change, floods over the years in the Shkodra region, damage caused and management of these natural disasters. While primary data are provided through the qualitative method of structured interviews, designed to highlight the socio-economic impact of the flood on individuals and families in these areas, during 2018 flood.

Many catastrophes cannot be avoided, especially natural disasters, however their effects can be mitigated through good management. Over the last 30 years, investments in rehabilitating flood protection infrastructure have been minimal. Flood damage has been assessed mainly after events and detailed flood protection models have been prepared mainly based on emergency responses. Residents affected by flood experienced damage and loss, and while seasonal rains begin, they are worry and fear for loss property and livestock.


Key word; Flood, Climate Change, Economic Impact, Social Impact, Shkodra Region.


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