EGU General Assembly 2021
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Carbon Monitor Gridded Dataset (CMGD), a near-real-time high resolution gridded CO2 emission estimates dataset

Xinyu Dou and Zhu Liu
Xinyu Dou and Zhu Liu
  • Tsinghua Univerisity, Department of Earth system science, China (

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting human activities, and in turn energy use and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This research first presented near-real-time high-spatial-resolution(0.1°*0.1°) and high-temporal-resolution(daily) gridded estimates of CO2 emissions for different sectors named Carbon Monitor Gridded Dataset(CMGD). This dataset responds to the growing and urgent need for high-quality, fine-grained CO2 emission estimates to support global emissions monitoring on the refined spatial scale. CMGD is derived from our Carbon Monitor, a near-real-time daily dataset of global CO2 emission from fossil fuel and cement production, including detailed information in 6 sectors and main countries. Based on EDGAR v5.0 gridded CO2 emissions map and other geospatial proxies, we finally constructed CMGD with a high spatial resolution of 0.1 degree. Here, we provided the total emissions of specific countries and analyzed the countries with larger emissions (including the EU). Furthermore, we analyzed the daily emission changes of several typical cities around the world and provided insights on the contributions of various sectors. Through CMGD, we can get a much faster and more fine-grained overview, including timelines that show where and how emissions decreases have corresponded to lockdown measures at the finer spatial scales. The fine-grain and timeliness of CMGD emissions estimates will facilitate more local and adaptive management of CO2 emissions during both the pandemic recovery and the ongoing energy transition.

How to cite: Dou, X. and Liu, Z.: Carbon Monitor Gridded Dataset (CMGD), a near-real-time high resolution gridded CO2 emission estimates dataset, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-4323,, 2021.

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