EGU General Assembly 2021
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Impact of Environmental Change on Biogeochemical Cycling in Soil Systems

Donald Sparks
Donald Sparks
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Environmental change, particularly the impact of climate change, is having a profound impact on humankind. Rising seas and temperatures are causing increasing flooding and melting of ice and permafrost soils. The impact of these processes on biogeochemical cycling of metals, carbon, and nutrients in soils and water is not well understood. For example, how do rising seas, which cause inundation of soils with saline water, followed by retrenchment, and salinization of groundwater, affect cycling of redox active elements such as arsenic and iron as well as nutrients such as phosphorus.  Complexation of carbon with iron-bearing minerals is a major mechanism for carbon retention. Under changing climatic conditions, how will carbon cycling be impacted, particularly in permafrost soils, which are sinks for a large portion of terrestrial carbon? This presentation will explore these questions, and others, over a range of spatial and temporal scales.

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