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Cosmovision and geothermal: proposal for direct uses of the geothermal resource

Karla Elizalde1, Mariana Patricia Jácome Paz2, and Alma Adriana Zárate Arroyo3
Karla Elizalde et al.
  • 1Licenciatura en Geografía , Facultad de Economía , Universidad Veracruzana , Xalapa, México (
  • 2Instituto de Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad de México, México (
  • 3Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Ciudad de México, México

Cosmovision and geothermal: proposal for direct uses of the geothermal resource in El Carrizal, Veracruz, México

Keywords:  Geothermy, direct uses, resource, social analisis.

Currently there is a wide epistemological repertoire that tells us about the man-natural environment relationship, the close relationship that exists between these two entelechies has been the subject of controversy within scientific disciplines, and it is not possible to speak of man without a time and space, just as you cannot talk about space and its components without mentioning at some point the presence of man.

This close relationship between man and nature has evolved over time, going from a static concept to a dynamic one in response to the need to offer an explanation of how the natural environment with anthropic presence has been modified and used.

Geothermal energy plays a very important role, from the energy field to the tourist, forming part of our civilization and history, with which it has a wide historical and cultural background. That is why, at present, geothermal energy appears as an important solution for obtaining renewable, sustainable, accessible and low-cost ecological energy throughout its temperature range.


The main limiting cause for planning and carrying out an integral project of direct uses of the thermal resource is the lack of research work on thermal manifestations, where the geological and geochemical characteristics are described and which are integrated into a social analysis that tells us about perception of geothermal resources and the cultural and identity value that the adjacent population grants.

This panorama is repeated throughout the Mexican territory, and in particular, in the vicinity of the state of Veracruz and its various thermal springs, an example of this are: Los Baños Carrizal (Apazapan, Ver., 19 ° 19´ 15.69” N - 96 37´43.94” W), Hotel Chichaki (Apazapan, Ver., 19 ° 19´31.54” N - 96 ° 43´24.11” W), Isabelass Spa (Loc.Tinajitas, Actopan, Ver., 19 ° 37´ 38.07” N - 96 ° 27´31.87” W), among others.

In this work will present  the preliminary results of the project that leads to the realization of a geochemical characterization and the elaboration of a social study that manages to understand the role that the different thermal manifestations play around the history and culture of the population and with this to reach the proposal of a project of direct uses of the geothermal resource.

How to cite: Elizalde, K., Jácome Paz, M. P., and Zárate Arroyo, A. A.: Cosmovision and geothermal: proposal for direct uses of the geothermal resource, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-6189,, 2021.


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